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Restaurants in Argentina

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1.082 places to eat in Argentina

Cafés in Buenos Aires
Café Tortoni
There is a phrase that is repeated: the Tortoni is the oldest café in Argentina. Founded in 1858, it has a history dating back 150 years and is still open and running. This place, which could well be transformed into a museum and because it seems to have scoured the country serves, nevertheless a coffee like all others. But it is not like any other coffee in Buenos Aires, they all seem a far cry from Tortoni ...
Restaurants in Mar del Plata
It is a restaurant where you can enjoy spectacular filled churros, with a good sub. It is a rich choice for breakfast or snack, although it is always crowded. There are a few restaurants in the same chain, but for me, the most recommended is located on the waterfront, and has a fantastic view of the sea. The menu is good, but there is nothing better than churros.
Tea Rooms in Buenos Aires
Las Violetas
The Confitería Las Violetas is a famous bar, teahouse and confectionery located at the corner of Rivadavia and Medrano in the Almagro neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It belongs to the group of "Bares Notables" of the city. It was inaugurated on September 21, 1884 and remodeled in the 1920s. It has decorated windows, curved glass doors, French windows and Italian marble floors. In 1998 it was declared a site of cultural interest and was subsequently restored between January to June 2001. Wooden coverings were restored as well as chandeliers and the ceiling. The original floor was unrecoverable but another was built respecting original colors and forms. Fortunately the facade was fully recovered and kept its original materials.
Restaurants in Rosario
This place is hard to imagine. And if possible, to experience it. You enter the room, but not before spending a few moments contemplating the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rosario, standing upright in what were once silos to store grain, and is almost attached to the restaurant. You reach Davis by dodging diners ve decided to take advantage of the breeze coming from the contiguous Parana River and shelter from the sun under large umbrellas. In the living room, there is wood everywhere that gives it an overwhelming warmth where diners can enjoy a menu of international cuisine and taste full-bodied red wines, like the Sirah from Callia's winery. Through the large windows facing the river huge ships under different flagscan be seen, which circulate with thousands of tons of corn or soy that were loaded at the Port of Rosario. The microclimate and the service provided by the waiters are unrivalled. If you go to Argentina, visit Rosario and let yourself go with the excesses of a good dessert at Davis.
Restaurants in Buenos Aires
El Cuartito
Since the year 1934 the restaurant "El Cuartito" was the best pizzeria to be found in the city of Buenos Aires, situated in the heart of the city, famous for its pies, pizzas and desserts. It has been a place where celebrities from around the world have gone to enjoy lunch and left autographed photos over the these seventy-five years that it has been open.
Restaurants in Buenos Aires
La Brigada
The Brigade is a restaurant which is situated in Calle Estados Unidos, in the neighborhood of San Telmo ... The owner is awesome .. He resembles the famous Colombian goalkeeper IGÜITA ... hahaha ... Here what they are famous for is the meat that they serve .. As a rule, in Argentina they eat meat everywhere .. here you cut it with a spoon .. From lokos ... Recommended 100 per cent ... last night we had dinner there on the table next to us was the film director Francis Ford Coppola with the actress Maribel Verdú ....
Restaurants in Vicente López
Restaurants in El Calafate
La Tablita en El Calafate Restaurant
We wanted to eat the famous Patagonian lamb, and asked what restaurant they recommended us. Among the ones that we were mentioned, we were struck by its name, La Tablita. So we booked a table for after the tour of the Perito Moreno Glacier, and we went for dinner. The first thing we noticed when we entered was the home where they had put lambs roasted on sticks and stood up vertically. We had not seen anything like this before. The restaurant, all wooden, was very cozy. We were recommended to to order a serving of lamb for 2 (if you see the picture, you know why). Calafate ice cream: Exquisite.
Cafés in Buenos Aires
Restaurants in Buenos Aires
Siga la Vaca
Siga la Vaca is a good restaurant that you'll find in Puerto Madero, in the part of the city that is most popular with tourists. It's open every day from 12 noon until the "last customer". It specialises in steak, but here you can enjoy all kinds of grilled meat - beef, pork, chicken, offal, sweetbreads, sausages, black pudding ... the menu is all-inclusive, so you can have an unlimited variety of meats with salad and fries, as well as a drink (wine, beer or soda) and a dessert. The price is fixed, and varies according to the day of the week and the time of day, costing between $ 49 and $ 65 per person. I really like it. The food is good, and the prices are great for the amount you can eat. The meals are self-service, with the waiters only bringing you drinks and dessert. A great place to go with a group of friends for a special occasion.
Restaurants in Mar del Plata
Trattoria Napolitana Vespoli
The Trattoria Napolitana Vespoli is an ideal place to enjoy pasta and the best Italian cuisine. The Vespoli family arrived in the country in 1890 and opened this restaurant in 1910, which is the first sorrentineria in Argentina. It's adorned with typical Italian colourful and cheerful paintings and posters. It specializes in pasta, of which I would like to highlight the Sorrentinos Don Torcuato, stuffed with ham and mozzarella, and the delicious Sorrentinos Vespoli, stuffed with ricotta and vegetables. The dessert of the house is the Don Chiche, in honour of Chiche Vespoli, ve manages the trattoria with help from his nephews. It's a family business run cordially by its members and it doesn't have a chain.
Cafés in Buenos Aires
El Gato Negro
Like the old Café Tortoni, the Black Cat Café is on the list of places declared 'Cafés Notables of Buenos Aires'. No wonder as this beautiful corner of Avenida Corrientes is one of the most charming places to stop for coffee, tea or dinner. The Black Cat was founded in 1927. Its shelves crammed with spices and teas seem not to have changed since then. The cafe also serves as a deli and dinner is served to the accompaniment of jazz bands. The cafe is part of the life of the Corrientes night owl. It is the perfect place to stop before or after going to the movies or the theater or browsing in the bookstores.
Restaurants in Rosario
Vip Rosario
This bar, which was the first Irish bar in Rosario, has become one of the most popular places in the area due to its excellent location and long hours. The meals are the usual for any American bar: pizzas, pies, snacks, salads of various kinds, schnitzel, potato chips, hot and cold sandwiches in regular or pita bread, hot dogs, and the ever classic beer and chips, olives and peanuts . At noon on sunny days, the terraces are always full and it's hard to find place outside. This very well set up and what more striking are the gorgeous orange and pink begonias that cover everything. You can imagine that when I went, around 11 am, I found a few people having coffee inside, the maid cleaning the glass, and the gardener watering the plants. The rest public usually gets there around 1 in the afternoon or after that time. There is a WI-Fi area and AC. It's open Sunday to Thursday: From 7:00 to 1:00. Fridays and Saturdays: 7:00 to 3:00
Restaurants in San Isidro
Chino Hoy Restaurant
In a family atmosphere, with Chinese style decor, this restaurant has had excellent quality and good price for years. The dishes, which are prepared at the time, are quickly prepared, are generous and tasty. The classic spring rolls, crispy noodles, rice, sweet and sour meats, seafood and fish, all exquisite, particularly recommend the sweet and sour chicken with pineapple. You have no home delivery but you can order by phone and then colect. Other Restaurants in San Isidro: The Leonilda
Restaurants in Buenos Aires
El Palacio de la Papa Frita
Corrientes Avenue is famous for its old pizzerias and popular dining restaurants. Among the many that there are to recommend, El Palacio de la Papa Frita is a classic that can't be missed. Although its premises have been modernized in a bland way, it's kitchen and waiter's attention haven't changed over the decades. Among the dishes do not miss the famous potato souffle and good meat. This grill is unmatched.
Restaurants in Mendoza
La Marchigiana
If we speak of quality Italian food in the city of Mendoza, La Marchigiana is the first thing that comes to mind, a traditional restaurant with two locations. One in the center of town and another in Palmares Open Mall. The main feature of this restaurant is the tradition passed from children to parents since the founder came from Italy to Mendoza and opened the restaurant. The food is of high quality and has been since its opening and they use seasonal produce. Also their wine list consists of Mendoza and other great jewels of the rest of Argentina. For the past many celebrities have made Marchigiana known and recognized nationally and internationally. Each celebrity that visits has a photo taken and it is hung in the entrance of the place that shows the history of the restaurant.
Restaurants in Villa General Belgrano
Viejo Munich Restaurant
Anyone who's seen some of the little places I've written about should know that although, thank God I have been able to walk for a few blessed places on the globe, the VGB is one of the places I would choose to actually go live at some point in my life. Now, in this great little place, there is a family that's dedicated to the craft of brewing something called Old Munich Beer. They didn't stop there, they also have meats that they make, which undoubtedly fall short of the noble beverage that you can drink with it. We bought meats and beers to take so that we could taste in our homes or we can enjoy in the dining room that gives reason to this corner. In it, the excellent service, the great food and beer masterclass will be a temptation that we want back, because it, again and again and again and again ...
Restaurants in Cordoba