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Restaurants in Bremen

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8 places to eat in Bremen

Restaurants in Bremerhaven
Restaurant Seute Deern
Is unlikely that the Deern Seute will sail again, but it retains all the charm of a sailing boat that acted as cargo ship. Now it has been converted into a restaurant, and is one of the most charming restaurants where I have dined. Wooden tables that they take you to, and much of the lighting by candles, or small bulbs, which take you back centuries. The specialty here is fish, but the waiters will explain all the dishes, and from them you get very good recommendations.
Restaurants in Bremen
More than the food itself, which gives name and fame to this restaurant, is its great location, its historic décor and the "show" of how they serve the dishes, especially meat, to the center of the table. As you enter and descend its steep stairs, perceive the historical value. We are in the bar, to the right of it is the main dining room, with capacity for 100 people, located in a large room protected by stone walls, massive columns and arches of considerable thickness, it's as if it were a small cloister of an old church or abbey, I am convinced that once this building, and in particular this room, housed something important. The benches and tables are made of wood, in contrast to the stone walls, and each diner has a wooden table where he has to serve food to take to the center. On the walls, military ornamental details, in particular, from the time of the Crusades. Heraldry, swords and sabers, fabrics ... gives historical and mysterious air to the restaurant, where you feel comfortable from the start, in catacombs reconditioned for dining pleasure. As is tradition in many restaurants in Germany, before serving the first course, as we sat at our table, we ordered a Beck's Krauser, a type of beer house special Beck's, which is produced in Bremen, served in pint jars, rich. As for the food, we went with a set menu and we started with a vegetable soup and mushrooms served hot in a wooden bowl, which highlighted how cold it was outside. After the soup, we went straight to the main course, the "spectacle" of the evening, a table full of different types of fruit (melon, pineapple, grapes ...) in the center, and cubes of different cheeses at each end. And above all this, hanging a certain height supported on metal supports, they drew a sword, which measured four feet safe, where they punctured juicy pieces of pork. It's kind of great kebab skewer, perhaps there is some historical basis for the meat being served in a large sword. Honestly, ve wields the sword must have some art to cut slices of meat. It is at least curious and funny. Amid the fruit they placed a kind of brazier with a living flame further cooking meat from a saber. Accompanying this "dish-show" with three bowls containing different sauces, which I try of course. The meat was at its very rich and tasty, and I was not at all hungry, however, I am not very fond of combinations of dishes in which the meat shares the spotlight with fruit , in which the flesh 'drips' sweet juice on the fruit. No, it may be German tradition, but the gastronomy did not convince me, though as I say, the theme of the presentation saber is great. After the binge eating of meat and cheese, dessert surprised me, and to complete the oddness, I have to say I took the coffee before dessert, a little strange. The dessert was a sort of meringue with berries, fruits with juice, a very acid taste combined with sweet, I liked it, and I am not very fond of the desserts. I was fortunate to be invited to dinner: D, so I have no idea if it's expensive or not, but I imagine it will be somewhat more expensive than the average in Bremen. In short, a popular restaurant downtown, historic and unique , with the appeal of the décor and atmosphere of the time of the Crusades, and of course, with the hoot of seeing sabers serve grilled beef garnished with fruits from exotic places and cheese. It will not be the best restaurant in Bremen, in fact I expected more in terms of food, but certainly it is the most historical, as the street sign boasts.
Restaurants in Bremen
Beck's Bistro
If you don't know, the famous Beck's beer is produced here in the city of Bremen. So, in the market, you can find a small outlet of Beck's, where you can enjoy plenty of different types of this world-renowned beer. The dishes are delicious, too, and the menu can make for a fun read, with each different beer described in terms usually reserved for fine French wines. Highly recommended visit.
Restaurants in Bremen
Bremer Ratskeller
This is a very elegant restaurant in the heart of the historical center of the city of Bremen, just a few steps from the main square of the city. The historic building offers few details of great value, but the main room is pretty bare. Also, you can eat in carved coves at the sides of the room offering great privacy, but also a little somber, they easily catch the eyes of passers by and make it difficult to get the attention of the waiters. Excellent food. The place is friendly and the waiters are helpful.
Restaurants in Bremen
Feldmann's Bierhaus
This is a very good place to start a day in Bremen. They have a Spanish menu and the waiters are very friendly! They offer a lot of variety and the food is great.
Tapas Bars in Bremen
Schüttinger Gasthausbrauerei
This is a brewery with a kitchen, with specials of the month; like the excellent asparagus.
Restaurants in Bremen
Cafés in Bremen