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Cities in Spain

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160 cities in Spain

Cities in Mérida
This summer on my trip to Portugal, we passed through Merida and Emerita Augusta. Everything that can be said about this beautiful city has already been said. Just seeing it in more detail for yourself by spending more than a day there will do you well. August is not one of the best months to visit its monuments and ruins. But the feeling of being in the midst of construction centuries ago briefly makes you forget your troubles. It's also very fun to walk through a modern city and occasionally have bursts where you discover the past. Well don't worry, have a good evening, day, or night, and a bear hug from me hehehe.
Cities in La Orotava
La Orotava
I am really happy that I found this website. In May 2002 I traveled with a group of Argentinean artisans. We exhibited our work in the centre for documentation and research for craftwork in Spain and Latin-America, located in San Francisco street, number 5. I fell in love with that place, magical. Its people are simple, hospitable, and beautiful. I remember the owner of the bar in front of the convent, a great persom, I apologize for forgetting his name, that greeted me with a big smile and saying “Here comes the “boluda”, making reference to our way of speaking in Argentina. If you know him please send my regards and thanks for giving me hot water to prepare my mate. When I traveled there it was Corpus Christi, wow, you cannot miss the show, every inhabitant becomes a talented painter, making beautiful drawings with petals and colorful sand and converting the pebbled street into a beautiful carpet. I am dying to go back; to walk along the narrow streets, to be part of the celebration of San Isidro. I was very happy there. Each corner of La Orotava has a place in my heart. I love them and I really hope I can go back there.
Cities in El Puerto de Santa María
El Puerto de Santa María
El Puerto de Santa Maria is my second home. Located almost in the center of the Bay of Cadiz, this is a town of great historical importance. It is the birthplace of famous people such as Pedro Muñoz Seca and Rafael Alberti, who also had a leading role in the discovery of America. Christopher Columbus spent long periods of time here preparing for the journey to the New World and it was here where the caravel Santa Maria was named. While retaining its quiet small-town character, where time passes slowly, it is one of the most touristic places in the province of Cadiz. It has about 16 miles of beaches, all of fine golden sand. The anchor beach is in fact called the beach of Santa Catalina and has a length of 3 km and a width of 40 meters. To its left Cadiz is clearly visible from the coast and to its right Rota. Here, thanks to the Levante and Poniente winds blowing frequently, you can practice water sports such as windsurfing and kite-surfing. But it is the sunsets that are undoubtedly the best reason to visit. The sun completely takes over the horizon of the bay, clear of buildings that obstruct its path. Peace pervades the soul of all who witness this spectacle. Only the discreet murmur of the waves and the occasional seagull accompany this moment of introspection. The sky goes from yellow to orange and orange to dark blue in less than an hour and the lights come on in Rota and Cadiz. They illuminate the sea, creating small water reflections. Certainly, if I ever get lost, this will be the place you will find me ...
Cities in Girona
Houses on the River Onyar
Cities in Córdoba
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Cities in Bermeo
Bermeo is a seaside town of Biscay that has had a lot of importance through history, mainly due to its port and fishing activity. The port of this town is the center of its life, the heart of Bermeo. Every day it’s full of enormous ships, worth seeing, and you can also see the fishing installations and the market. Next to the port there is an enormous park that becomes the center of parties and the place where locals organize activities, such as concerts. From the park there is access to the historic part of Bermeo, which is very beautiful. It has beautiful stone floors, although very slippery when it rains, and the houses are simple but really beautiful. They are very ancient and have been reformed, but they still have the history and elegance they had 100 years ago. When you walk through the streets of Bermeo you can see how a fishing town lives because everything is full of small details that show simplicity and hard work. Moreover, in Bermeo there are various historical buildings such as the house tower Ercilla, and the wall or church of San Francisco. Bermeo is one of the most beautiful towns of the area and it also has incredible surroundings such as San Juan de Gazteluache, Bakio or Gernika. By the way, the people are charming and open minded. As for gastronomy, don’t forget to try the fish, it’s one of the most delicious plates I’ve ever had.
Cities in Elche
What sets the beaches of Elche apart is the fact that they're virgin. The city is still a little ways from the beach so they are very well-preserved. Elche has about 12 miles of coastline, not counting Santa Pola. The first of the coastal beaches in Elche is Playa de Altet and then Fondet of Senieta, both surrounded by dunes. These two beaches are beautiful and totally even need to make a good hike across the dunes to reach them. Then you have the Playa de Arenales del Sol. It's nice, but it's the only beach in Elche that has any kind of urban build-up. After a long walk down Arenales del Sol, you reach Playa de Carabassi, the most popular beach in Elche. It's a stunning, long beach with many dunes and a nudist area. Afterwards, you reach Escull beach, the only rocky beach in Elche. This marks the end of the Elche beaches and the beginning of Santa Pola. South of Santa Pola, in Salinas, the southern Elche coast beings again with Playa de Pinet, a beach set in an extraordinary landscape. Then Playa de La Marina, a super-virgin beach on the edge of a pine forest that stretches to Guardamar del Segura. Finally, you have the beach of Les Pesqueres – El Rebollo (and the La Marina campsite).
Cities in Blanes
In Blanes in July they hold a fireworks contest, which is a very interesting thing held in a very interesting place.
Cities in Haro
Capital of the Upper Rioja, to talk about Haro is to talk about good wine. Located on a small hill, it preserves part of its medieval charm (but as far as this aspect is concerned, I still prefer Briones). I would start going through the neighborhood of the wine cellars. From there (and according to the time), I would go to have snacks in the center, in the area between Paz Square and Santo Tomás Church. After these tapas, with some Reserva or Crianza wine, I would go get coffee in the Hotel de los Agustinos, its central cloister is wonderful. At the end of the day, I would go for a walk in the Vega Gardens, and end with the church of the same name. In the surroundings we can find a museum related to the saint patron of the city.
Cities in Laredo
Laredo, an ideal place to contemplate sea and mountains in a single glance. Quiet in winter and parties in summer. This is Laredo. An example of its festivities is the Battle of Flowers. More than 90,000 flowers on floats are placed one by one on Thursday night , before the last Friday in August.
Cities in Getaria
Cities in Jaca
Jaca, peaceful and at the same time bustling, it is a fantastic place that you can talk about a lot. The festival of "The first Friday in May", legend for some, history for others, commemorates the victory of the local Christian population over the Muslim troops, invaders fighting in a battle near the local cemetery in which the women of Jaca influenced the victory in the VIII century. The festival begins on the morning of a Friday, with a multitudinous breakfast on an esplanade near to the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Victoria. After that, a procession takes place of the squadrons of tradesmen and workers led by Count Aznar through the Calle Mayor and finishes with the singing of the hymn of the first Friday of May, in front of the door of the town hall by an excited crowd. There are many options for activities in this area: walking, paragliding, parachuting, skydiving, horse riding, fishing, climbing, skiing during the winter, and cultural routes. Winter sports deserve a special attention, Jaca has applied various times for the Winter Olympic Games.
Cities in Montanejos
In addition to being an extremely calm town with friendly people, incredible views and fabulous places, it's absolutely precious. You'll breath in fresh, pure air. The calmness and peace you feel when visiting are incredible.
Cities in Villajoyosa
Natural Vila was created in 1842 and has several clinics which treat people with mental problems. The first is in Madrid, where the founder still continues to work and there is another at the beach Paradise of Villajoyosa, now closed down, near the beach.
Cities in Avilés
Cities in Castellon de la Plana
Cities in Xàtiva
There are few skies as blue as Valencia’s. The bright light seems to make Xátiva even more beautiful. It looks like a storm of golden rain has washed the city, polishing its bronzes and its domes. It’s essential to walk through Xátiva from the tree-lined Selgas avenue to Moncada street. Once there, you can admire the splendid ancestral houses and then loose yourself in the narrow streets of the old quarters. At the beginning of the 17th century, Xátiv was burnt and almost destroyed, but is still able to conserve some magnificent medieval buildings. Despite being enclosed and unorganized, the structure of the houses are very vivid and painteresque. The only problem is there isn’t enough space to be able to rightfully admire them. The Collegiate Church is stupendous with its diverse styles. The same can be said for the Royal Hospital and the beautiful and peaceful San Francisco church. The streets rise little by little before dead ending next to the Sierra Vernisa. The imposing 10th century walled castle sits about the city, watching over it. From up above, one can understand its thousand-year-old relevance, seeing the old quarters curled up and the new areas extending each day towards the coast. The olive and orange tree fields seem to go on forever.
Cities in Torrejón de Ardoz
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