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Nature Reserves in Indonesia

21 nature reserves in Indonesia

Nature Reserves in Banda Aceh
Bukit Lawang
We visited Bukit Lawang in July of 2013 to see Sumatran orangutans in their natural habitat. We stayed three days in the village and then trekked through the jungle for 2 days and 1 night. It was great. The guides, Joseph and Armano, were helpful and attentive. To all those who want to see orangutans, I advise you to pick a trip from Medan that includes round-trip transportation, accommodation and a trek through the jungle. It costs the same for everything as just the simple trek through the jungle in Bukit Lawang. An unforgettable experience and highly recommended. You can also stay a few days in town, which is also highly recommended. You can visit the bat cave (wear mountain footwear and hire a tour guide). We were on our own and once we got to the cave, we had to ask for the services of a guide.
Nature Reserves in Komodo
Komodo National Park
Take a trip to Komodo National Park on Rincha Island and you too can see the amazing, prehistoric animals.
Nature Reserves in Probolinggo
Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park
At 6 am the show is amazing. The worst thing is that you are not alone, there are dozens of people and the site is not very comfortable if you enjoy the sights get there early and arrive at least an hour before. Furthermore, wear a coat as it is long and very cold there.
Nature Reserves in Harau Valley
Harau Valley, West Sumatra
There is a narrow road, initially it is paved and then it becomes gravel, which passes through this beautiful and fertile valley and through the most beautiful of rice fields and picturesque villages inhabited just as in the rest of West Sumatra. The people there are wonderful and hospitable people. On both sides of the valley there rises a spectacular granite wall and there are numerous waterfalls cascading from above. Moving arround the valley is straight forward, you can go walking as it isn't very big, perhaps its more or less 10km. Also, there is a type of taxi which has a side car. They can take you from one place to another, and I almost always use it in Asia, and we got to this place from Bukittinggi like that. This peaceful valley is an ideal place to stay for several days and takes a lot to decide to leave, it's definitely adictive, and I think this was the place I like the most in Indonesia. There are different accommodation options but not very many, there are small private cabins in some villages for just over 1 euro, and there are also larger complexes which are more expensive.
Nature Reserves in Manado
Tangkoko Reserve
Tangkoko is a big reservoir north of Sulawesi, and covers areas of tropical jungle and coast. The main reason for its fame is because it is one of the few places in the world where you can see the tarsier, the tiniest primate in the world, plus black macaques, and many species of birds. It's about 2 hours north of Manado, and has accommodation for people unwilling to go and return on the same day as the best time to see the tarsier is at sunset, as it is a nocturnal animal . Complete guide to diving in Sulawesi.
Nature Reserves in Bontang
Tanjung Puting National Park
After crossing the river we spent three days visiting the national park. The experience of direct contact with the orangutans was amazing, we were able to feed them, play with them ... it was truly amazing. It is not a very common destination within Spain, but if you really like contact with nature, you should never miss out on this.
Nature Reserves in Buleleng
This has been one of the funnest trips to Bali, and it was a mixture of sensations in under an hour. To get to the waterfall of Guiguit we had to leave the main road that crosses the island from top to bottom. At about 400 meters from the entrance there is a tiny road marked with parking and a place where "we" left a "gift" with . A path leads between the trees to a couple of houses where the road forks. DO NOT take the way of the arrow, as it is crooked and leads to a endless staircases that takes you into a ravine with water that is like a turbine and waterfalls that are inaccessible. The place is very nice but the stairs up, are killer. So at the fork we went straight, on a cement covered road and at about 200 meters we got to a unique place, where many alternate with pools waterfalls where you can swim with ease, in a water so clean that I even dared to drink . She was sweet and fresh .. Some children enjoyed the water so we could not be less and we dive into it. The force of water in some places buffeted us, but part of the fun. A beautiful altar was the perfect complement to the image of water falling from the high walls of the cut. It was like an enclosed space, where the all-enveloping nature and at the same time seemed to burst into colors, sounds and aromas. Refreshed, relaxed and with renewed energy we continued our journey.
Nature Reserves in Denpasar
Nature Reserves in Berau
Orangutans in Kalimantan
Kalimantan comprises about three quarters of the southern equatorial island of Borneo, the third largest island in the world after Greenland and New Guinea. Despite the progress of exploration and development in this area, many areas of Kalimantan have remained virtually unexplored by the western world. In this unique habitat you can find lots of orangutans.
Nature Reserves in Ende
Nature Reserves in Bukit Lawang
Nature Reserves in Komodo
Nature Reserves in Negara
Nature Reserves in Pangandaran
Nature Reserves in Mengwi
Nature Reserves in Bogor
Nature Reserves in Ubud
Nature Reserves in Surabaya
Ekowisata Mangrove Wonorejo
It was really fun when I took a traditional boat and explored this forest. We saw a lot of birds and many other animals there and of course I loved just sitting and watching the sun go down. Fascinating!