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Things to do in Argentina

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The top 3.716 attractions in Argentina

Waterfalls in Puerto Iguazú
Iguazu Falls - Puerto Iguazú
Iguazu National Park is located within a rainforest, about 800meters above sea level, and is South America's second largest biodiversity reserve, although it's only 35% of what it was 100 years ago due to rampant development. There are over 2000 species of flowers, 150 plants per hectare, 400 species of birds, and a huge variety of mammals, reptiles, and insects. The remaining areas are like green islands, stretched between farms, plantations, pine forests, trails, and ever-expanding cities. Within the great forest there is an innumerable amount of tourist attractions for all tastes. The Iguazu Falls are just one of many natural wonders that you can't stop visiting. During this visit, something which we do every year since my brother lives in Posadas, we decided to collaborate with a film crew and, as you can see in the photos, we got some great shots of how the view changes as you move around the falls...the clouds of mist provoked by the pounding water, the ebb and flow of the vegetation around the water...I hope you like my walk around the falls' turbulent waters, and I'll be waiting for you here if you want to join!
Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires
Puerto Madero
One of the neighborhoods that has the most tourist potential today in Buenos Aires is definitely Puerto Madero. This beautiful urban are is futuristic, innovative, well-planned, and modern. Currently, there is a large housing development in this area. Aside from its great location being near many important place such as the Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo, the City Council and others. It is the entrance of the Rio de la Plata with its large active port where there are beautiful views of the city. In Puerto Madero, there are a variety of restaurants and shops and you can walk along the river banks and see the boats. The exclusive Yacht Club, which has a long tradition in the country, is in this neighborhood. Another attraction is the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve, a green space with a diverse plantlife which lets thousands of visitors get in touch with nature. One of the bridges across the river, linking the city Puerto Madero, is a beautiful structure brought from Spain. Its designer wanted to evoke the figure of a couple dancing tango. This is a pedestrian bridge that has been dubbed the Women's Bridge, which was opened in 2001. When you cross this beautiful bridge, you'll get a panoramic view of the Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires and Puerto Madero.
Nature Reserves in El Calafate
Perito Moreno Glacier
This tremendous and impressive glacier is found in Los Glaciares National Park, near El Calafate in Patagonia. It's a spectacular sight and also incredible moving. The park has boat trips and hikes over the ice. Don't forget to bring your camera as the sensation of having a mass of ice that size staring you in the face is unbelievable, trust me.
Streets in Buenos Aires
Caminito Street (Barrio de la Boca)
"Little street that time has erased ..." So goes the famous tango written by Juan de Dios Filiberto about this amazing little street situated in La Boca. Almost all of the buildings are constructed out of metal sheets, the most striking thing about it is its varied and garish colors. It is this way because the sailors who have lived there all painted their houses with paint residues left over from the boats. Today Caminito is a great place to visit on a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday. People from all over the world, including from Argentina, and locals get to see the universe in two or three blocks, revel with tango dancing in corners, with samples of street art, and good and cheap grills that look over the street.
Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires
La Boca Neighborhood
This exciting place offers A feeling in the air that is nice and colorful, and radiates good cheer to represent a typical city neighborhood. You couldn't got to Buenos Aires without visiting the La Boca neighborhood, both for its stadium "La Bombonera" as for its colorful street culture which is a main sign of Argentina in its splendor.
Cemeteries in Buenos Aires
La Recoleta Cemetery
Located in the heart of Recoleta neighborhood of stately, this impressive city of the dead (famous, of course) is one of the most fascinating places in Buenos Aries. The entire cemetery was like a structure of streets, avenues, squares even! It is comprised of beautiful marble statues, stately crypts, and even a few open coffins. Presidents, actors, military, rich people ... Evita's tomb is, of course, the most visited. Although maps are given out to show the entrance to the cemetery, you will easily find it. Just like when she was alive, she is still always surrounded by flashing lights! Tip: better to go to the cemetery in the morning because it closes pretty early, at 6 in the afternoon. You may be in this cemetery for hours, so it is much better to go early. Admission is free.
Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires
San Telmo District
If you go to the most traditional and oldest fairs in Buenos Aires then San Telmo is a must with its many shops, restaurants, cafes and museums telling stories. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires and is characterized by its narrow cobbled streets and French and English style colonial buildings. It is curious to see cultural and traditional events in the streets, it is immersed in a cultured environment, bohemian lifestyle and tradition. Plaza Dorrego is popular because of its famous San Telmo fair. At night the atmosphere is unique with cafes where you dance the tango and pubs and clubs where you can listen to and enjoy modern music.
Historical Monuments in Buenos Aires
Obelisk of Buenos Aires
In the year 1936 the erection of an obelisk was announced, in order to promote a movement of repudiation, on the part of some citizens. The project went ahead, despite the negative opinions. The Obelisk was built within a period of 60 days. However, its inauguration silenced the voices that discredited it before it took place. The obelisk was imposed solely because of its presence and today it is the symbol of the City of Buenos Aires.
Rivers in Bariloche
In the winter, it's one of the most visited places in San Carlos de Bariloche because it's biggest attraction is skiing. How I love whizzing down the hills I visited there in winter and I definitely made the right choice. We never would have appreciated its lakes' charms, its forests, its colors, the spectactularly immense mountains that surrounded us. A joy for nature-lovers.
Palaces in Buenos Aires
Casa Rosada
This is a historical monument that you definitely must visit. In addition, the color of the government house ensures that tourists will never forget it and are always surprised by its beauty. The Plaza also evokes so many events that you can never forget ...
Of Cultural Interest in Buenos Aires
Floralis Genérica
Walking in Buenos Aires in March this year, I decided to go on the tour of the United Nations Plaza, as well as the Avenida Figueroa Alcorta and Austria, and to go and see this gigantic Floralis Generic, a metal sculpture that is located on a four acre park that is surrounded by many trees and is situated on a pond that protects it. According to the author it depicts flowers worldwide. It is surprising both because it opens at 10am, and due to its slow and deliberate closure in subsequent times up to sundown and its color varies with the chang ine the position of the sun. The inside is particularly impressive, mostly the reddish hue that comes when it closes.
Nature Reserves in El Calafate
Los Glaciares National Park
Los Glaciares National Park is located in the southwest part of the southern province of Santa Cruz near the Andes. It was created in 1937 to preserve a large area (600,000 hectares) of ​​continental ice and glaciers. Because of its splendid beauty, its massive glaciers, and the fact that much of the native wildlife is endangered, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981. Of all the places I know in the world, Los Glaciares National Park place is special. The imposing, serene atmosphere and the magnificent landscapes make me think of the closeness of God to His entire creation.
Villages in El Calafate
El Calafate
El Calafate is a good place to stay if you visit the Natural Park Glacier (Perito Moreno and company). It offers a special attraction for travelers during the winter: ice skating on a natural lake. If you prefer, you can run around and change your option for free for whoever wants to run over the ice but doesn´t want to do trekking in the glaciers.
Squares in Buenos Aires
Plaza de Mayo
Located in the historical district of Monserrat bordering the district of San Nicolas de Bari, the Plaza de Mayo was occupied in 1661 by Jesuit buildings that have now been demolished. This religious group arrived at the time of the Spanish conquest to evangelize the inhabitants of the continent. The Plaza de Mayo has held markets, executions, fiestas, and bullfights, but mainly it was the meeting place for traders, a place where you could buy candles, fish, armadillos, and chickens. It is also where, on May 25, 1810. Argentina took its first step towards freedom and where in 1860 the Constitution was sworn in. The modern square was designed in 1902 like Independence Park in the city of Rosario by the French landscape architect and naturalized Argentine, Carlos Thays, famous for using palms trees from Rio de Janeiro. The square has two fountains and an equestrian statue of General Manuel Belgrano in bronze on a granite pedestal. The body was made by French sculptor Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse and shows the hero holding the flag in the act of taking an oath, while the horse was sculpted by Argentine Manuel de Santa Coloma, who was born in Argentina Embassy in Paris. The monument was funded by the Argentine people who gave what they could, as a sort of public gratitude to the creator of the nation. On the monument, there are two bronze plaques reading "Manuel Belgrano February 13, 1813" and "Acts of Congress of Tucumán July 25, 1816." In the center of the square stands the Pyramid of Mayo, and next to the bronze statue of Don Juan de Garay. In front of the square is the Cathedral, which dates back to the nineteenth century.
Cities in Mar del Plata
Mar del Plata
Taking the coast road 5 km from Mar del Plata lighthouse, I discovered this beautiful place, with quiet beaches for families. There are Cliffs about 50 meters high with a great view, with small forests where you can have a picnic, relax and enjoy the tranquility .
Of Cultural Interest in Buenos Aires
El Ateneo Grand Splendid
This library is in the Santa Fe Avenue near the corner of Avenida De Callao in the heart of Buenos Aires. It was once the old movie theater and then the Grand Splendid Bookseller recycled it and did so by retaining its structure, the stage, the boxes and the beautiful dome.
Lakes in Bariloche
Nahuel Huapi Lake
The photos posted were taken from the catamaran Cau Cau, during a tour of Victoria Island and the Forest of Myrtles. It was a bright September day in 2008, just when spring begins. The place is fantastic. I recommend it to anyone who can hike. Do not miss it - you will not regret it! The landscapes really make it worth it.
Nature Reserves in Mendoza
The Aconcagua is the highest peak in South America. It is a top destination for international climbers and can also be accessed (at a safe distance) by the ordinary traveller. The tour starts in the capital Mendoza and takes you close to Cerro Penitentes, which also houses a ski resort.