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Things to do in Entre Ríos

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The top 80 attractions in Entre Ríos

Cities in Colón
After having made a journey of more than 7000km, from the south to the north, Missions, Falls - Iguazu, San Ignacio Ruins, Corrientes, in March 2011 we reached Entre Rios and the Colon Baths. We stayed at the Hommalo Hotel in the center, just in front of the main square. At night we ate very well in a restaurant (I can't remember the name) with a capacity for 1200 people near the springs (barbecue and fish, very good food) We spent the whole day at Colon Baths, which were very pretty with a resort and spa and the temperatures of the pools 30, 35, and 38 degrees. For kids it's too warm. The next day to San Jose, Federation. For lack of time did not go to Palmar and the others. To relax and enjoy, we found people from all over the country! to Go!
Nature Reserves in Colón
El Palmar National Park
These are some pictures I took a couple years ago when we were here. Colon is a small town with beautiful beaches and hot springs. During the busy season the nightlife is jumpin'. It's close to the main city and the famous national park. In a small radius there are several interesting villages to know where the warmth and peace of the locals is fantastic. We camped in a reserve called the dawn of the palmar. A private enterprise full of tranquility, all amenities under a very particular sky. Go!
Palaces in Concepción del Uruguay
San José Palace
Among the many things that struck me in this house / palace / museum, there are two that I want to highlight. One thing I never thought I would say is about the kind of fans installed in the kitchen walls that were used to dry the freshly made noodles. The other detail that caught my attention, much more important than the previous, is the original stain of blood that, when mortally wounded, Urquiza left perserved on the wall. You can his handprints framed and protected behind glass. Some are in my photos.
Nature Reserves in Victoria
Predelta National Park
The park is 6 km from the city of Diamond, on the coast of the Paraná River. Here I re-connected with nature, trees, grass, animals, trails, peace, plenty of water and total life. It's where I saw that human beings are also part of nature, not separate. This place has beautiful sunsets, channels that navigate between the islands, admire the green at all ranges, the singing of birds, the river, its inhabitants. It is a place worth visiting and, in fact, it is visited by thousands of tourists every year, and most return. It is a place forever. The National Park Pre-Delta is in the city of Diamond, capital of the Department Diamond. Paraná is between departments (provincial capital) and Victoria, in the province of Entre Rios, Argentina. The photos were taken in January 2008 when another viewpoint was being built to see the beautiful Irupé lagoon. DISCLAIMER, THE NATIONAL RESERVE IS IN DIAMOND CITY, BETWEEN RIVERS NOT IN VICTORIA.
Of Cultural Interest in Victoria
While Salia Rosario-Victoria Bridge Crossing the Sun.
Here are some pictures I took of the panoramic views of the bridge that links Rosario, Santa Fe Province and the city of Victoria, in Entre Rios Amid them, the Parana River, the fabulous river which lie my beloved city. It's a beautiful thing to see day or night. Let Rosario walking in my travel blog Elisaserendipity blogspot com
Lakes in Concordia
The Lake Playa del Sol
A lovely quiet place to bathe on the beautiful beaches and sunbathe. Also good for fishing and nautical camping. Its a beautiful place you wont regret visiting. You can enjoy the cute coastal resort community and the people are very nice. Lots of nature to enjoy, hot springs. Its in front of the beach where there is a very cute turtle lake. As well as enjoying the outdoors, you can also fish. The bathrooms are very clean and have beautiful showers, and at night its an ideal place to go dancing. Lots of nice places to eat, and inside the camping house you can look on the internet and see what beautiful places await you. I will leave you know, enjoy!
Roads in Gualeguaychú
Road to Gualeguaychú
The path to GUALEGUAYCHÚ, if you depart from Buenos Aires, doesn't take too long. It's almost 200 miles and once you've passed the two bridges that lead to the PCIA and Entre Rios, you'll see where your final destination is. The lowlands are dedicated mostly to livestock, this being a Mesopotamian region, it's crossed by many small and large streams so that when it rains the people can get water. The vegetation in this area is what you might expect to find in Mesopotamia.
Of Cultural Interest in Paraná
A brown river to enjoy the islands and surrounding areas. You can go rowing or sailing. It is a wide river bordering my town, with lots of vegetation and bird-watching. A magical place.
Castles in Concordia
Beaches in Colón
Colon Beaches
The COLON BEACHES that are found in the province of Entre Rios are a highly recommended tourist destination, especially for family vacations because you'll be surrounded by green nature wonderful and magnificent and mighty RIO URUGUAY. The conjunction of river and green landscapes, golden sands and clear sky, give this city entrerriana unique beauty. On the waterfront of URUGUAY many resorts have been built cabins, nicely installed where spend a few quiet days off. Seriously, you should really go here!
Of Cultural Interest in Concepción del Uruguay
Arroyo Viejo Molino
The Ruins of the Old Mill on Route 14 between Columbus and C. Uruguay is a peaceful place, where you can rest and revive your soul.
Streets in Gualeguaychú
Calle 25 de Mayo
May 25th Street is the main avenue in this important Mesopotamian city. There are businesses of all kinds here, such as clothing for all ages, Bookstores, Toys, electronic goods, ice cream, etc. There's a lot of traffic, on foot and by car. All the shops are nicely decorated and the attention is great.
Squares in Colón
San Martin Square
It is located in the center of the city of Colón 2 blocks from the waterfront, 5 blocks from the beach area and 10 blocks from the Thermal Complex. It's a small place but very well maintained. There´s a statue of St. Martin.
Of Touristic Interest in Colón
Forclaz Mill
This is a historic relic that is located 4 km from the city of Colón (Entre Rios). The entire area is full of lush landscape and is very nice. This mill was built in 1888 by D. Juan Forclaz and declared a National Historic Landmark in 1985. It´s a symbol of the effort and determination of the early settlers. It was designed to grind wheat and corn grains like the Dutch did but since powerful winds were needed, the climate of the region never allowed this mill to be fully operational. The owner had to switch back to the old system of milling. Today the windmill stands gracefully and is a great site for anyone who´s curious about immigration to this region.
Nature Reserves in Colón
Parque Nacional El Palmar
The wildlife Refuge La Aurora del Palmar can be found at kilometer 202 of the National Road 14, across from the El Palmar National Park, and 45 kilometers away from Columbus. The wildlife refuge is also about 370 miles away from the Capital. La Aurora del Palmar is a private 1300 hectare spread with significant biological value. It's here that ecotourism was developed. They were looking for productive tasks and sustainable use of natural resources. It has the same ecosystem as the National Park is full of palm trees and gallery forest yatay. The sunsets in place are great ... The visitor can do the following activities: * Safari 4x4 and Trekking to the heart of Palmar. * Cavalcade of El Palmar. * Canoe trip by Arroyo El Palmar. * Birdwatching. * Saffaris photo. * Walks interpretation. * as well as plant and animal identification. We took a canoe ride, the ride and walk on our own and the truth that are highly recommended for all activities. Also, you can stay in a tent, in old railcars remodeled or duplex.
Cities in Federal
Federal is an area of a lot of fields, which is a place to be able to rest and enjoy the scenery, the animals, the silence, tranquility, at night you can see the sky with many stars that seem to be closer than usual. It's nice to explore the countryside on horseback, go fishing, and just enjoying the day and the nature.
Theme Parks in Concepción del Uruguay
Hot Springs of Federation
The Federation Thermal Park is very cute, you can spend the day relaxing in the water there up to 42 degrees. The best thing about this park is that it is located right in the new city of Federation, next to the mall to hotels, etc.. The view from the Thermal Park pools are spectacular and it is surrounded by a green field. Do not miss the sunsets at the park.
Churches in San José
San Jose Parish
The history of the colony of San José, now a town, was once told to me, and I have the documentation that was lent to the great-granddaughter of one of the first French immigrants, who came to Argentina in 1857, Joseph Maxit. The story of the current Parish of San Jose was quite complicated because the buildings that were left were outdated and in such poor condition, that the parish was rebuilt in 1885 for the third time. The second building was demolished, with the effort and the contribution of the residents of the colonies, who did not receive any cooperation from the authorities. The building has three narrow naves and stands opposite the Plaza Urquiza. The building was designated an official Parish in 1901.