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Things to do in Misiones

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The top 90 attractions in Misiones

Waterfalls in Puerto Iguazú
Iguazu Falls - Puerto Iguazú
Iguazu National Park is located within a rainforest, about 800meters above sea level, and is South America's second largest biodiversity reserve, although it's only 35% of what it was 100 years ago due to rampant development. There are over 2000 species of flowers, 150 plants per hectare, 400 species of birds, and a huge variety of mammals, reptiles, and insects. The remaining areas are like green islands, stretched between farms, plantations, pine forests, trails, and ever-expanding cities. Within the great forest there is an innumerable amount of tourist attractions for all tastes. The Iguazu Falls are just one of many natural wonders that you can't stop visiting. During this visit, something which we do every year since my brother lives in Posadas, we decided to collaborate with a film crew and, as you can see in the photos, we got some great shots of how the view changes as you move around the falls...the clouds of mist provoked by the pounding water, the ebb and flow of the vegetation around the water...I hope you like my walk around the falls' turbulent waters, and I'll be waiting for you here if you want to join!
Waterfalls in Puerto Iguazú
Rivers in Puerto Iguazú
The Three Borders
At the junction of the borders of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, this place has a lot of biodiversity, amazing and lush vegetation as in the whole of ​​the jungle, a place that, most important of all , is that there is the Guarani Aquifer, one of the nature reserves most important drinking water on the planet. There are the famous Iguazu Falls amidst vegetation, including orchids and bromeliads, with the air filled with the smell of flowers and insects attracted to them. The smell of damp earth, woody, the chirping of hundreds of birds of many sizes and colors that come and go, such as butterflies with lovely colors and sizes. And also in the middle of the jungle ever circled around and man, in the name of progress, handled largely disassembled, you can visit one of the largest dams in the world the Tourist Complex Binational Itaupú. Paraguay and Brazil. It is a single photo but I think that says it all. Data refer to Ente Municipal Tourism Puerto Iguazu. Argentina
Ruins in San Ignacio
Jesuit Ruins of San Ignacio Miní
The ruins of San Ignacio Mini, about 60 km from the capital, Posadas, is one of several examples of missionary remains, in southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil. It was founded in the early seventeenth century to evangelize the native Guarani area. These ruins were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984. This mission eventually grew to more than 4000 inhabitants, where the natives were taught trades and the Christian faith by the Jesuits. In 1631 most of these centres were besieged and destroyed, except this and a few more, and after the expulsion of the Jesuits in 1768 it was abandoned.
Caves in Wanda
Wanda Mines
The Wanda Mines are north of the province of Misiones, Argentina. This place is known worldwide for its gemstones and turquoise and amethyst stones. The name of the town and the mine, Wanda, is due to a Polish princess who was very fond of these gems.
Rivers in Posadas
Paraná River
This photo is taken from the waterfront of Posadas Misiones Argentina to the port city. This historic port almost cannot be seen because the river is rising because of the Yasireta dam was built in the province of Corrientes 1 kilometer from the city . I wanted to show the world something that is about to disappear due to this dam being built.
Theme Parks in Puerto Iguazú
The Aripuca
This complex is a tourist attraction in which the house is decorated with logs and trees. You can also buy products from the natives, the Guarani, enjoy a delicious ice cream of rose pelatos, or get lost in the sound of a harp being played by musicians from the country of Paraguay. It is a place someone can only dream of.
Waterfalls in Puerto Iguazú
El Bosetti Falls
It was us 3 girlfriends traveling, the idea was to turn around by Argentina and Chile, getting away from the tourist area and looking for the villages. We had to see Iguazu. I was a little lazy, among the lines, people, prices ... I already had been to Niagara, I thought I would not like it ... And suddenly!!! The jump ... Nobody should die without having been there ...
Bridges in Posadas
San Roque González de Santa Cruz Bridge
This bridge opened in the year 1990 bringing even closer 2 cities in 2 countries by the Rio Paraná: Posadas (Argentina) and Encarnación (Paraguay) and was planned by the Binational Entity Yaciretá Hydroelectric Dam. It Proudly has the name of Roque Gonzalez de Santa Cruz, a Jesuit missionary saint born in Asuncion, Paraguay in the year 1576, ve devoted his life to founding Jesuit missions in both countries and was killed with a stone ax in the year 1628. He was beatified in the year 1934 and declared a Saint by Pope John Paul II in the year 1988. Work on the bridge began in the year 1980. It's quite a sight to see sailboats, speedboats and interesting boats in sports competitions going down the river.
Waterfalls in El Soberbio
Mocona the Soberb Jumps Argentina´s Missions
Los Saltos del Moncona are on Rio Uruguay, on the Brazillian border, approximately 340 km from Posadas. It can only happen when the river is low, which is not very often since the heavy rains in Brazil are often changing. I recommend that you find out before you go. We got there by boat and the journey takes two hours. In these photos I was lucky that the river was very low. It was in August 2009. In the area there are many lodges to stay in as the area in now quite popular. I recommend that you visit.
Of Touristic Interest in Wanda
Geodes in Wanda Mines
The GEODAS are rock cavities that are usually closed, which crystallized into minerals and that have dissolved in groundwater. The crystals are very large and when there is pressure in the process of cristalisation they may produce hollow geodes. In the geodes that I show, there are other crystals that have grown inside giving them a special quality.
Of Cultural Interest in Eldorado
Guarani Village
Nearby to Iguazu Guarani, there are still people living in their traditional villages. Selva is run place we visited. In this place we were shown their customs, hunting traps for different animals (coyotes, birds and even armadillos) and music. They can not live solely on what the jungle gives them, so they sell travelers crafts. A chance to bring home a gift and at the same time help the indigenous people with a population of barely seven thousand.
Shopping Malls in Posadas
Posadas Plaza Shopping
This modern shopping center is centrally situated and despite its small size, has all the best known national and international clothing and footwear brands for women, men and children. There are cinemas, bookstores specializing in literature for children and adults from the most famous collections of world literature, to medicine, health food, books and for those in the constant search of Latin American literature icons like Julio Cortázar, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jorge Luis Borges, Isabel Allende, Joaquín Lavado (Quino the "father" of Mafalda) and many other world-renowned authors. We keep walking and see perfume houses imported with imported and domestic products, "Plaza Art" encourages us to take pieces of red earth with us, handmade piece, toys "Bambino" to the delight of the little ones, new cars, bars, restaurants , cafes and playground spread over its two very neat and chilled plants.
Waterfalls in Puerto Iguazú
Higher Circuit of the Falls
This picture was taken on March 25, 2011 in Niagara with my Kodack at 10am. from the runways. Beautiful picture!
Flea Markets in Posadas
Paseo Bossetti
While touring Plaza 9 de Julio and after visiting the Cathedral, I found a sign indicating that Paseo Bosetti was 250 yards away so I decided to go there. It was 7 pm, 35 º in the shade (but it did not seem it) and 30% humidity, my warm desire turned to adventure. There I learned that the land had been occupied and donated by the Bosetti family for a Municipal market. The original purpose has changed as today it is a "space for assembling cultural activities, seeking harmony of its elements, inviting recognition of the fundamental importance of enhancing the values ​​of our culture and preserving the environment" as can be read on one of the marble slabs there and that is signed by then City Mayor Carlos Rovira in 1997. Visit the Artisans Fair as it is also known, which has sculptures like a giant metal gaucho called "Monument to Mate" by Geronimo Rodriguez, the quintessential drink of the missionaries, and a large stone hand holding a ball. There are also painted wall murals (in color and black and white) trying to recreate the history of the city, mosaics with legends, "The Literary Trail" where they exhibit and sell new and used books, reed crafts, cane, gigantic tree trunks, carvings on demand, colorful jewelery (many made with vegetable seeds), decorative boxes, watercolors, tablecloths, painted bags, shawls, scarves and hammocks ... yes like those that are hung from trees and in which you can nap. In the middle of a small garden walk are some typical local trees and wooden benches under a weeping willow. This street has a direct connection with the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Mate. The phone and the website are the website of the Ministry of Tourism of Misiones.
Of Cultural Interest in Posadas
Viewpoints in Santa Ana
Mirador Fotográfico
Having taken in the majesty of the Paraná River and its green surroundings from the Mirador del Parana, we headed to the other viewpoint near Butterfly Park and Santanero Bar. From there we saw the rolling landscape with its streams, valleys and hills, amid the splendor of green trees. The small Greek amphitheater built from red slabs from the area is used for different artistic representations that can take place outdoors and is as magnificent a backdrop as nature itself. You can also see other interesting things in the park, such as tractors keeping the grass cut, the paths that lead to different places such as the theater, reflectors that illuminate the tower, the river in the middle of the grove shining like a silver mirror, spaces for relaxing in the shade after a walk and the colorful flower beds surrounding the entrance of the park.
Of Touristic Interest in Oberá
RoCa Cactus
This is a place dedicated to exotic plants: cactus, agaves, etc. .. In addition to being a place for surprises and admiring the large collection of these plants, there is a corner where you can make memories. You will discover a pleasant and perhaps discover a new hobby ... Highly recommended if you like plants ...