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Things to do in New South Wales

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The top 383 attractions in New South Wales

Of Cultural Interest in Sydney
Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Opera House is, without question, an icon of the city. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 2007 and was built in 1957 under the direction of architect Jon Utzon. It is a modernist work and consists of several overlapping shells - an innovative piece of work that had a great impact worldwide on architecture. It was opened by Queen Elizabeth II of England. The Opera House shows a variety of opera, ballet, music and theater productions. It is home to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. You can visit from 8:30 to 17:00 and take a guided tour, provided that there are no shows on.
Viewpoints in Sydney
Sydney Tower
You can't miss the Sydney Tower's viewing platform if you come to this city. I went to Australia in 1994. I don't remember how much it cost, and in any rate, the price will have changed by now! But whatever it is, I promise you it's worth it. Here you'll have a view of the city that you simply can't get from any other point. You'll really understand the immensity of the city and its great position between the waters of the bay.
Nature Reserves in Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains National Park
A national park located just 80 km from Sydney. It really is amazing to see the three sisters, down the track to the foot of the mountains and enjoy a walk through the eucalyptus forest. It's pretty cold here, I think it was the only time I had to put on my fleece in my entire Australian journey, but it's worth it. It's amazing that so few kms from the city is such a magnificent national park. The name "Blue Mountains" is due to the bluish touch the mountains have from the vapour emitted from the eucalyptus trees. Near the viewpoint is a rail which is well worth having a look at, as it's the world's steepest and is simply spectacular. A really impressive place, if you go to Sydney you can't miss this!
Beaches in Sydney
Bondi Beach
This is definitely one of the best beaches I've ever been to...and only a couple miles from downtown Sydney! All of those little black spots you see in the water are surfers trying for one fo the colossal waves. The sand is soft and fine, the sun is radiant, and the oceanside walkway is a great options for those who get a bit restless at the beach. How do you get there? A.) take a bus from the city center - you catch the bus at the pier where the ferries leave, B.) train and bus - the train leaves you at Bondi Junction and you can get a bus that arrives in about 5 minutes, C.) taxi - it costs around $40.
Bridges in Sydney
Sydney Harbour Bridge
This is the closest you could get to the harbour bridge in Sydney.
Beaches in Byron Bay
Byron Bay
Byron, as the Australians call it, is one of my favorite places in Australia. It is in Sydney, New South Wales, only one hour from the Gold Coast. Although I have visited many villages on the east coast of Australia, this one is my favorite, because not only is it quiet and beautiful, but it also has life! It is not as small as other towns and it has restaurants and pubs of all kinds. It is also frequented by the country's artists and intellectuals, often using it as a second residence to escape from the city. Another advantage of the town is that the beach is in the center, which is sometimes, surprisingly, hard to find in Australia. The most famous image of this town is the beach with its famous lighthouse in the background. It is a town frequented by backpackers and there are numerous hostels where it's not bad to stay. Since the 1960's, Byron has been a reference for hippie and alternative types in the country, although not to the level of Nimbin ... perhaps it's better to say more a surfing philosophy than hippie. It's worth spending a few days enjoying the town. You can try various sports, especially surfing, which is popular here thanks to the quality of the waves.
Harbors in Sydney
Darling Harbour
A veritable amusement park in the center of Sydney, Darling Harbour extends around the Bay of Cockle and is home to many of the major attractions in Sydney. Originally, the port area was in decline, but Darling Harbour was the subject of an ambitious urban renewal project which was completed in 1988. With its bustling cafes, restaurants with stunning views, shops, walks, and green spaces, you will need a full day to explore it all!
Zoos in Sydney
Featherdale Wildlife Park
To visit Australia and not see kangaroos or koalas is like not to have even gone. To see them, It's best that you go to the zoo of the city of Sydney. This park is wild because you can feed kangaroos and pet them, and let's not forget the adorable koalas. It's something out of the way, but the bus drops you off at the door. Stunning animals.
Harbors in Sydney
Circular Quay
Circular Quay is in the Sydney harbor area, where you can catch ferries to different places and beaches in the city. It is a very touristy place, always full of travelers and different people walking around and you can see some of the most iconic images of the city, including the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, from here. Often, there are lots of street musicians playing guitar, harp, clarinet or singing. Some of them do performances for tourists such as dances of the Aboriginal Australians, playing the famous didgeridoo and playing wooden tubes that make a peculiar sound. They also dance and paint ancient sacred drawings for souvenirs.
Zoos in Sydney
Sydney Aquarium
Sydney is a city that lives side by side with the ocean, which has allowed it to have one of the largest aquariums in the world. Situated in the port area of ​​Darling Harbour, near the Maritime Museum, it has over 11,000 species of marine animals, splitting into several areas: open ocean where you can see wild sharks, turtles and Platypus (Platypus), Great Barrier Coral, which is an impressive transparent tunnel you need to walk throuh, where you can see a variety of animals such as white sharks and stingrays (its size is the most important).
Neighborhoods in Sydney
The Rocks
The Rocks is the area from which the sailors disembarked on the First Fleet on January 26, 1788 and the location of the first British settlement in Australia. Today it is the historic old quarter of metropolitan Sydney, located between the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Historic pubs, colonial cottages, archaeological sites, a store recreated in 1915, a Gothic church, stone paths and patios with vegetation and many shops and restaurants can all be enjoyed in this area.
Harbors in Sydney
Sydney Harbour
Sydney Harbour is one of the most known and famous areas of the city. You can take a lot of great photos of your trip here. Here you will find the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney business area which is full of skyscrapers. It is one of the most touristy parts of the city and there are always people walking around because it is full of restaurants, pubs, cafes and terraces. There are also street performers and musicians such as Aboriginal globetrotters. To see it all with a good perspective you can take a ferry to Circular Quay, where you can see the Opera House and Bridge from a close distance. It is also a great way of seeing the skyline. There are several companies that are dedicated to selling harbor cruises. The Rocks, a neighborhood with old houses full of traditional pubs and restaurants, can be found here, and is one of the oldest areas of Sydney.
Viewpoints in Sydney
Mrs Macquarie's Chair
When you are in the Opera House and see all that you have to walk by to get to the viewpoint, you think about it, but it's definitely one of the places you can not not go! If you are passionate about taking pictures, from here you get the best ones. If you are a lover of architecture it is one of the best places where you can see both the bridge and the opera as skyscrapers. If you are a lover of nature there is a botanical garden that you have to go through to get there. You'll love it as it is full of trees that are not only ancient but exotic and some even thought of to be extinct! Even if you are not a fan of the above things, the views are impressive, I cannot even describe it with words!
Shopping Malls in Sydney
Queen Victoria Building
The Queen Victoria Building is one of the most charismatic buildings in Sydney. Its construction began in the late 19th century and it certainly is a beautiful shopping centre, with a touch of classical "European" style which is not easily seen in Sydney. Bridging the gap, it is arguably a bit like the Harrods of Sydney. Apparently its construction began during a time of economic recession and the city intended to use for the construction the largest possible amount of local artisans, ve were unemployed at the time. Thus, they conceived a building that lacks ornamental detail. The truth is you'll quickly explore the mall and discover its many details. It is a "must" in Sydney.
Neighborhoods in Sydney
Sydney's Chinatown is the largest in Australia and is located in Haymarket, between Darling Harbour and Central Station. Like all Chinatowns in the country, it is lively and colourful, full of Asian restaurants (not only Chinese, there are also some Japanese, Thai, Malay ...) and food stalls and even massage parlours. The latter are one of the most interesting things in the area, with stretchers in the street allowing you to get a back massage. It is also common to find typical Chinese grocery stores where you can buy all sorts of things. But it's not just food here. On the streets of Chinatown in Sydney there are dozens of modern clothing and accessories stores, Chinese cinemas, and hairdressers. Another point of interest is Market City, a kind of cheap market with thousands of products at all kinds at low prices. It's worth visiting this part of Sydney to eat some good noodles or rice, and enjoy a little slice of China.
Zoos in Dubbo
Zoológico Taronga Western Plains
I don't think that anyone could imagine that, in the center of Sydney, less than 10 minutes walk from the Opera House, there is a colony of flying foxes. Walking through the botanical garden, I heard strange noises but I had no idea where they were coming from. I was astounded when I saw thousands of vampires hanging from trees.
Beaches in Sydney
Manly is a suburb in northern Sydney, Australia. The easiest way to get there from the city centre is to catch a ferry at Circular Quay which will take you to Manly in 25 minutes while providing the perfect opportunity to see the stunning Sydney Harbor, including the bridge and the Opera House. Manly is a residential neighborhood that is best-known for its beach, the second-most popular in the city after Bondi. It's an ideal place to go surfing, kayaking, sunbathing, diving, or hanging out in the sand. There are other ways to get to Manly: bike, bus, car, or even water taxi. In the neighborhood you can find all kinds of services, from diving or surfing schools to restaurants with food from around the world or hostels for backpackers.
Nature Reserves in Sydney
Royal National Park
At over 15,080 hectares,Royal National Park is the second largest national park in the world, after Yellowstone National Park in the USA. It's located 32 kilometers south of Sydney and has over 25km of coastal hiking paths with spectacular views of the cliffs and white sandy beaches. Generally, Sydneysiders think that this park boasts the most beautiful beaches in Australia. It's a beautiful place to walk, cycle, camp, picnic, have a barbecue, swim in the sea, enjoy nature, para-glide, hang-glide or surf on the huge waves. Be sure to visit the visitors centre where you'll get all the information you need to see the park and get to know its incredible natural beauty. You can get refreshments in the cafe and buy park souvenirs.