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Things to do in Stuttgart

106 contributors

The top 53 attractions in Stuttgart

Museums in Stuttgart
Mercedes-Benz Museum
I was in Munich with a friend who is a big car fan so I suggested that we take the train to Stuttgart to visit the MERCEDES MUSEUM. It was worth it. Even the building itself is incredible. It looks like the NY Guggenheim inside. You can get a headset set in various languages and throughout the museum there are codes that you dial to listen to the explanation. A wonder! The first Mercedes in history, race cars, engines, trucks, buses, Diana's car, the Popemobile, planes, etc. I'm still stunned by this MERCEDES MUSEUM.
Squares in Stuttgart
Schlossplatz (Palace Square)
This place can be considered the very heart of the city. It is the meeting point par excellence. In the center stands the Jubiläumssäule, a 5 meter memorial column erected in 1841 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of King Wilhelm I (William I). At the eastern end is the impressive building of the New Palace, the former residence of the kings of Württemberg. On sunny days the square is full of people taking advantage of the sun, meeting friends, playing with the kids etc. You can see people of all ages. It has a great friendly atmosphere. Very charming.
Squares in Stuttgart
Although in legend Friedrich von Schiller "Poet" appears only as a poet, the truth is that he was much more - a military medical doctor and writer, the truth is that he well deserves a plaza (square). Anyway, the city has searched for a niche, you see the back of all the buildings which gives the sensation that it was once a wasteland. The Regional Museum of Baden-Wütemberg is in Schiller Platz, the Stiff Kirche is an evangelical church and the surrounding historical buildings are well maintained, although as I say, almost all are the rear thereof. Goethe, the great german teacher par excellence, received a Chair of History while staying at the University of Jena, something historic and priceless.
Stadiums in Stuttgart
Mercedes-Benz Arena
My last weekend in Stuttgart, I could not pass up on the opportunity to see a live match in the German Bundesliga, sorry - I'm a massive football fan. The visitors, Sevilla, came from the European competitions, it looked set to be a great game. Not so, the "VFB", as Stuttgart are called, dominated from the start, they controlled the "tempo" of the match and did a good job. They had a compact defense, they were pressing in midfield and stopped most of Sevilla's attacks. They scored in the first 10 minutes, and then 2 more in the second half. The atmosphere was phenomenal and the stadium almost full (53,000 spectators), the perfect day with sunshine. Around the stadium you can buy shirts and VFB of last season, at a reduced price. There is a team store too, but on a day like this, it was packed. Reminded me of going to the football in my youth.
Palaces in Stuttgart
Ludwigsburg Palace
Located north of Stuttgart, very close to the city is this imperial palace known as the Versailles of Suabia. The Duke of Württemberg, Eberhard Ludwig, had it built in 1704 for his mistress, the Countess Wilhelmina von Graevenitz. Numerous architects and designers were involved in its construction. The monumental palace is surrounded by beautiful, Baroque-style gardens. The park is a marvel, very well cared for and intricate. Worth a visit to see the panoramic view offered. The entrance fee for site is reduced for groups and students. We arrived very late and did not see inside the residence. It is ideal for spending an afternoon if you are in Stuttgart and the surrounding area. It can be reached by S-Bahn from the city center in about 20 minutes. In summer, the gardens host the Blühendes Barock flower show.
Castles in Stuttgart
Old Castle
When the ancient castle of the royal family of Württemberg caught fire in 1311, the Altes Schloss was converted into the new royal residence. Between 1553 and 1518, Albert Tresch conducted a Renaissance project expansion. The current provision quadrangular, with three arched cloisters surrounding a courtyard, is due to Tresch's project. Inside the castle, there's the Württembergisches Landesmuseum, the Wurttemberg State Museum, which offers a large display of the region's art, culture and history. Curiously, the prehistory section includes, among other pieces, the tomb of the Celtic nobleman Hochdorf. The old castle is directly opposite the castle. It's curious to note the differences between them. The Kings went from living in a simple castle to a new, much more striking and compelling residence. It's perfect for to travel to the past and to view the history of Stuttgart. It offers a lower price for students. Entrance to the courtyard is complimentary.
Festivals in Stuttgart
Cannstatter Volksfest (Stuttgart Carnival)
The Volksfest is a folk festival that takes place in Stuttgart for 16 days. From late September to early October. While celebrating the popular Munich Oktoberfest, Stuttgart does the same with the Volksfest. Of course it is not as well known, nor so large and attracts many tourists from around the world, but the essence is the same. In the Bad Cannsttat, near the river Neckar, this fair is mounted on an esplanade for everyone. And you can see food stalls, candy, sweets etc ... And of course, the traditional bazaars and attractions that are a must. Parents and children have hours of fun guaranteed. But of course, the party revolves around the beer tents where are the star. These tents are closed, all with their scenery, long wooden tables and benches. All decorated in the style of German folklore. Taking a "beer" means drinking a full litre. The waitresses are able to carry 10 pitchers full, I assure you that is quite a feat. Throughout the day there cheering groups with their songs and dances, occasional "novelties" in the repertoire. As the music starts up people on the benches and dance, sing, deliver and drink, and drink a lot. To accompany the gallons of beer there is some food inside. All typical German, the pork knuckle, huge sausages, and roast chicken. To pend an afternoon there is hilarious, but it can get rather expensive. Each tankard is worth 8 euros, and if you eat there, a shank plate, for example, it feeds 8. The problem is that no one drinks only one tankard ... The good news is that there are always midweek offer 2x1 beer in some tents. And there are day students, girls day .. The fair is open from noon to 11 pm. The closing weekend continues until 12 midnight. In April Frühlingsfest occurs, a holiday that celebrates the beginning of spring. It's exactly the same concept as the Volksfest, a few months later. So if you prefer the warmer months, you have a second opportunity to see the show in the spring. Site totally recommended. You'll love it. The hangover is up to you ;-)
Sports-Related in Stuttgart
Peña Real Madrid
On Saturday 8 December I was in visiting my niece in Stuttgard. Real Valladolid was playing Real Madrid. We were told about this club and we went to see if we could watch the match. My son loved it. We were told there was a Christmas party, which sounded good. What wasn't good was the atitude of the president of the club (or whatever he was) ve waved us away. I'd like to recommend to other more polite members that they choose a different president.
Gardens in Stuttgart
Castle Gardens - Schlossgarten
The majestic gardens that extend north of New Castle originated in the early nineteenth century. Parkside Rosenstein and greenbelts north, form a landscape of 8 km for walking in the middle of the city. Retaining its original charm with wide avenues and different sculptures. The landscape is very different depending on the season. In winter snow covers it while in spring and summer are filled by the multitude of colorful plants and flowers, and in autumn you can enjoy a beautiful view in shades of brown and yellow. Ideal to unwind, relax and take long walks. Furthermore, within is a Biergarten bar-terrace where you can sit and have a beer, eat lunch, read ...
Churches in Stuttgart
Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross (Stiftskirche)
XV century Gothic church built by Hänslich and Jörg Aberlin. A historic symbol of Stuttgart, the main Protestant church of the city. Despite the damage suffered because of ww2, it retains the original stone gallery of the Duke of Württemberg, built between 1576 and 1584 by Simon Sclör. Inside you will find several pieces of furniture in the gothic style. Schillerplatz is considered one of the most beautiful old churches of Stuttgart. Personally, I find this building much more interesting, with its different facades within.
Flea Markets in Stuttgart
Flohmarkt Karlsplatz
The Flea Market is a market for second hand stuff. All weekend there are markets around the city, but twice a year they hold this much more impressive event. It sells everything you can imagine. From clothes, books, kitchen items, antiques ... If you go early you can find real bargains. A friend of mine bought a bike in pretty good condition for 20€. He also bought a nearly new cooktop for 5€, skates for 5€, a shelter for 8€. It's worth getting up early that Sunday just to enjoy the atmosphere, the colours, the smell of flowers and food stalls and curiosities that you come across.
Bars in Stuttgart
Sky Beach
You could not be more central. In Königstrasse itself, next to Hauptbahnhof this particular bar is located on the roof of a department store building. What characterizes the place is that it makes you feel like you are in the beach, in your chair, with the sand and a cold beer. The Germans appreciate this very much, the sunny days and warm weather. So the Skybeach is crammed with people on summer days. The truth is that it is a pleasure to stop by there to relax with a drink. The price of the drink is not overly expensive. To give you an idea 33cl beer will cost about 4 euros. It pays to know this corner of Stuttgart. I definitely recommend this place to visit and enjoy relaxing in the sun in the summer months.
Museums in Stuttgart
Weinbaumuseum Stuttgart
Southern Germany is an area well known for its great wide production, and you can find vineyards all over Stuttgart. These vineyards are spread over a wide valley where you'll also find some fantastic hiking trails. You can enjoy a panoramic postcard view of Stuttgart: mountains, valleys, the city, and the surrounding small towns! At the top of the valley, there's a beer garden where you can cool off after the hard climb.
Train Stations in Stuttgart
Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof Station
It's in the Stuttgart train station. It was built in 1914-1927 with "neorealist" style under the direction of Paul Bonatz and EF Scholer. Its tower, which is 58 meters high, supports the Mercedes rotating star, which is the emblem of the city. I recommend you go upstairs, either by stairs or by elevator. The view of the city is breathtaking. Visiting is free every day except Monday, when it's closed. Inside the station you can take a tour and you can find out more information about prices and routes. Don't hesitate to ask the staff for help with something, they speak perfect English. You can get weekend deals, group rates, etc. .. very, very recommendable.
Bars in Stuttgart
This place closes late (about 5.30 in the morning) and, as the S-bhan to go home starts at 5:45, it was the best option for a night out. The club has 3 floors. The top floor plays rock and has couches. The middle one is more for dancing. The ground floor has a large bar and the music is more techno. The site also has a terrace at the entrance to smoke or get some fresh air. The star drink, of course, is beer. In fact, I don't remember seeing anyone drinking anything else. Prices are standard (draft beer costs 3 euros). If you have been out partying in Stuttgart, you will have gone there. It's part of the route.
Theaters in Stuttgart
Oper Stuttgart
The Opernhaus or Staatstheather (City Theatre) is a neoclassical building, an ancient royal court theatre, built in 1909-1912 by Max Littmann. It's made of sandstone and was restored in 1983-1984. It is currently the Headquarters of the Ballet and the Stuttgart Opera. It is just behind the New Palace, surrounded by gardens and a small lake. In the afternoon/evening they all look beautiful together. If you have time I'd recommend a visit to the opera. Especially for students. Every day, an hour before the opera starts, there's a queue of students waiting to buy tickets that haven't been sold. Only at the weekend might there be a problem getting a ticket. The tickets are reduced to $ 10 and if you arrive early they give out some of the best seats. The last time I went, there was 5 of us and we got an entire box to ourselves. On the way out of curiosity I looked at the price and my ticket was worth 110 Euros. Often you won't be that lucky and you may get seats all over the place. The only drawback is that the Stuttgart Opera is being renovated and it may be a bit modern for everyone's tastes. Otherwise it's 10/10.
Bars in Stuttgart
Romy S.
This is a place to party by Stuttgart. In the center of town (about three minutes from the nearest S-bahn Stadtmitte). Basically you will listen electronic music. The entrance to the site costs around 5 euros. Once inside, the glasses are worth between 6 and 7 euros and 3.5 euros for a bottle of beer. The place has a dance area with a stage for the more daring ;-), it also has two bars and sofa area to sit and talk. I must say that I rather liked it although the only complaint I have is that when it is full it is too hot. It can be a bit overwhelming especially during the erasmus parties.
Festivals in Stuttgart
Allmandring Open Air Festival
Allmandringfest is a festival that takes place every year, the second week of June in Vaihingen campus. The festival is organized by the students themselves, living in the dorms. The street is lined with stalls of food and drink of all kinds. The Japanese and Chinese traditional food stalls set up in there, Turkish food, pizza, barbecue, mojitos, beer, sangria ... A real festival of colors and a mix of cultures. There is also a stage and several concerts. The music is great, the groups gave the final touch to the atmosphere. If you are in Stuttgart Allmandringfest you must go. I had a blast. I would repeat the experience happily.

The best things to do in Stuttgart

Schlossplatz and Schlossgarten are two of the most beautiful places to visit in Stuttgart. The first is a square and the second consists of endless green gardens where you can walk to find even more stuff to do in Stuttgart. Shopaholics should visit Knigstrasse, the main commercial artery of the city; coming here is one of the more popular Stuttgart activities.

Visiting the Staatsgalerie Art Museum is now one of the best things to do in Stuttgart. Continuing on, you can visit Kunstmuseum, another one of the top Stuttgart attractions. It houses modernist style exhibits, and the top of ​​the building offers one of the best views in Stuttgart.

There are more museums to visit, especially for motorsports fans. The Mercedes Benz Museum houses a sample of 160 vehicles, and you can travel throughout the company's 120 years of history. The Porsche Museum is one of the top places to visit in Stuttgart, similar to last museum but not quite as big.

The Wilhelma Zoo and Garden are two natural botanical spots which are among the main attractions in Stuttgart. The top of the Fernsehturm Television Tower offers one of the best views of the metropolitan skyline. You could end this particular tour of what to do in Stuttgart in Bohnenviertel, one of the most traditional and charming neighborhoods in the city.