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Things to do in Berlin

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The top 561 attractions in Berlin

Historical Monuments in Berlin
Brandenburg Gate
The Brandenburg Gate is very beautiful, very well-lit, and full of tourists who walk and or are mounted on horse-drawn carriages, which makes everything even more beautiful. It is a symbol of freedom and unification of the two Germanies. It's beautiful and essential for anyone visiting Berlin to see.
Palaces in Berlin
Reichstag Building
The Reichstag building (where the German parliament meets) is located in the district of Tiergarten, Berlin. The way the building looks now is due to several renovations, and especially the work of British architect Norman Foster in the 90's. The dome was added during the remodeling to light and ventilate the plenary hall, located just below it. Inside, two spiral ramps allow you to go up and down to the spectacular viewpoint. To visit the Reichstag building, you'll have to use the recently established advance booking system, which is the only way to get tickets to visit the Bundestag. Visiting hours at the dome are from 8:00 to 23:00 (last entry), with entry every 15 minutes. To schedule a tour, you have to complete an online form ( There is also a booth opposite the entrance where you can make a reservation if you didn't already do it online. To get to the dome you take an elevator to the roof. There it's recommended that you take a free audio guide that has multiple languages ​​(including Spanish) and for 20 minutes it will tell you interesting things about the Reichstag. In short, a must-see visit and it was totally free!
Historical Monuments in Berlin
Holocaust Memorial
Few monuments built in the memory of victims are able to convey a feeling as deep as this one does. Solemn and eerie, walking through it gives you an intense feeling of loneliness that completely invades you. Located in the city center, it is composed of 2,711 concrete slabs covering an area of ​​19,000 square meters. The slabs have different heights and are designed to create an atmosphere that is both uncomfortable and confusing.
Cathedrals in Berlin
Berlin Cathedral
The "Berliner Dom" is a Lutheran Church and is located in Berlin Mitte, the place by the Spree River where this beautiful city was founded. It isn´t super old as it was built between 1895 and 1905 by the order of William II and designed by German architect Julius Raschdorff. This beautiful piece of architecture is considered to be one of the most important monuments of the city, along with the famous Brandenburg Gate and Museum. Like all of Berlin, bombing heavily damaged the building. Since rebuilding this was not a priority, its repair was postponed until 1975 when it was partially rebuilt. In 1993, after achieved reunification, it was rebuilt in its entirety with its original, beautiful appearance. Only slight variations were made to the central dome and the side. There´s a large crypt inside the church where many members of the Hohenzollern family-German royal personages-are buried. In front of the cathedral is the beautiful Lustgarten square right next to the Altes Museum, a neoclassical building that is one of the famous museums on the island. On the opposite side is the beautiful and legendary Unter den Liden (Under the Lilacs). Unfortunately I could not visit the inside of the cathedral but it is recommended.
Historical Monuments in Berlin
Berlin Wall
Berlin was my second stop in my Europe trip. The place I spent the most time was the Berlin Wall. I would sit in thought and reflection as to the events surrounding this monument.
Squares in Berlin
One of Berlin's cosmopolitan hearts, a true hive of activity. Make Alexanderplatz your launching point to sample the overwhelming variety of shops (Berliners have transformed window displays into gallery-worthy affairs), bars, and restaurants in the surrounding neighborhoods.
Of Cultural Interest in Berlin
East Side Gallery
This was a cool section of the Berlin wall that is still standing. Graffiti artists have done an amazing job with the different stories on each section of the wall. Sadly some people have defaced the artwork, but you can still make out the different stories each artist is trying to tell. Hopefully the original artwork will be restored.
Museums in Berlin
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie is the name given by the Western Allies to the border established between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War. Checkpoint Charlie became a symbol of the Cold War, which led to the division of the two Germanys. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie has become a tourist attraction and gets very busy with tourists visiting.
Shopping Malls in Berlin
Sony Center
Located at Potsdamer Platz, this was completed in 2000 to house the offices of the company Sony in Berlin. It consists of seven buildings in which there are cinemas and offices, restaurants, shops and other entertainment venues. There is a wonderfully futuristic dome that changes colors. It makes you feel like you are in the future because it Displays images, and has elevators and fountains that are futuristic.
Museums in Berlin
Pergamon Museum
The triumphal entrance to Pergamon Museum in Berlin is only the beginning of the museum the altar of Zeus at Pergamum. The city of Pergamum is located near Troy, in Turkey, and its history is mixed with the mythology of the settlement of Zeus and the culture and history of the Roman Empire. This part of the temple is only a third of the original that was later excavated by the Germans of 1876 to 1884 and was given as a gift by the sultan as a way of saying thanks for the excavations. In the wonderful museum tour you will find great works of Pergamum, of Babylon, and of Miletus. The diversity of cultures and variety of stories is definitely assured to visitors. This museum is a wealth of culture and with constant surprises from all types of cultures, some largely unknown to me such as the Mesopotamian and Persian cultures.
Historical Monuments in Berlin
Fernsehturm Berlin
The television tower (Fernsehturm) is the tallest building around Berlin, and from which you can enjoy the best views of the city on a clear day. The tower, which became operational in 1969, was one of the symbols of East Germany overlooking the capitalist West Berlin, and was a sign of the greatness of technological innovation in the country. The viewing deck is located more than 200 meters above the ground, but the antenna goes up to 368 m. You can ascend in an elevator for 10 euros, a trip that takes 40 seconds. There is a rotating restaurant at the top, but to be honest it's a bit pricey for what it is.
Gardens in Berlin
A wonderful park in Berlin that should not be missed and I recommend cycling across it as it's very large (the largest in the city) and thus it's easier to get an overall idea. It's curious how at the weekend the Tiergarten is full of families spending the day and even having barbecues! The atmosphere is very special and the style is so characteristic of Berliners parks. So, you get the feeling that you are crossing one of those forests from Germanic legends yet it's two minutes from the Brandenburg Gate! Within the park you can't miss the World Cultural House (the famous "pregnant oyster") and the Triumphal Column monument to Rosa Luxemburg in the Neuer See lake.
Of Cultural Interest in Berlin
World Clock
The Weltzeituhr is a world clock that is installed in the main square of Alexanderplatz in the heart of Berlin. The clock gives the time in many countries at the same time. The monument is circular and represents the different time zones of the world. Above is a decorative orb which seems to represent the solar system with the sun in the middle and the planets around. It is a beautiful monument.
Historical Monuments in Berlin
Berlin Victory Column
The triumphal column at the end of Tiergarten park is great and can be seen along the entire Grosser Stern Avenue. Although not very large it fits perfectly with the area's spirit: wide avenues, magnificent parks and major buildings, we are on the occidenal side of Berlin! This column was originally in front of the Reichstag but was moved to its current location by the Nazi government in 1938. Interestingly, and unknown to many, is that it can be accessed inside, the views from the observation deck at the top of the column are magnificent.
Museums in Berlin
Museum Island
The Museum Island is an island of museums. It has been a part of the UNESCO world heritage since 1999. It is located on an island in the Spree River in central Berlin, which is located in the Mitte district. It gets its name from the many museums that can be found there. The site was founded by Frederick IV of Prussia in the late ninetieth century and started off as a residential area that was devoted to science and the arts. The collections were made public after the First World War, and now the foundation is managed by Prussian Cultural Heritage. These collections were divided during the separation of the two Germanys, but now they are together again. Some of the museums that you will find on the island are the old Museum (Altes Museum) that was built in the 1830s, the Old National Gallery, the New Museum (Neues Museum), the Bode and Pergamon, which is one of the most important museums of ancient art in the world.
City Halls in Berlin
Rotes Rathaus
Alexanderplatz ("Alex") is perhaps the busiest square in vibrant Berlin, in it stands the massive red town hall (red for the color of its bricks) and the seat of the Senate and of the Mayor. Alexanderplatz area is very peaceful with a park to rest, the Neptune Fountain is very close and it's next to Nikolai district. Unifying Alexanderplatz has meant that much of the city life has bonded in this spacious plaza. Very close by, in Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse, is a Spanish tavern where you can eat well, called Las Olas it's an oasis among bratswurt and mustard.
Churches in Berlin
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
Wars are hated for destroying human lives, but the monuments that arise from them are often gems. It is strange and paradoxical to think what is capable of building the human being can be, in turn what can destroy it. This is the case of an architectural structure located in Berlin. It is a Lutheran church called Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial. It was built in memory of Emperor William. You can find it in the very near Breitscheidplatz Tiergarten. Go inside to contemplate the blue light in its purest form, because the walls are covered by more than 20,000 blue crystals. I was really surprised.
Rivers in Berlin
Spree River
Getting to Berlin and taking a boat ride on the River Speer is a wonderful experience as you see much of the city from the boat, both ultra modern buildings and old factories that give a special air to Berlin, also the parks. If you're staying for several days it would be interesting to do on arrival as you'll get an overview of the city.

The best things to do in Berlin

Thinking about what to do in Berlin? Don't worry, this European capital is home to some of the most important sites in modern history like the Berlin Wall (or what's left of it) and the infamous Checkpoint Charlie which played such an important role in 20th century history.

Visiting the top Berlin attractions is like traveling through history. One of the most important places to visit in Berlin
is the Brandenburg Gate with its famous chariot horses mounted with the goddess Victoria. Another of the most beautiful
things to see in Berlin
is its cathedral, built in the 1930's, and Alexanderplatz, a famous square in the city which fills up with markets and revelers during the Christmas season.

attractions in Berlin
are the Reichstag or the haunting Holocaust Memorial. This is only a small list of
things to do in Berlin, but we want to leave you plenty of time to just wander the streets and check out the city's charming neighborhoods and scenic little square.

If you're looking to find the best stuff to do in Berlin, have a look below at the real tips and recommendations from the minube community and find all the best Berlin activities to make sure your trip is one to remember.