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Things to do in Lower Saxony

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The top 128 attractions in Lower Saxony

Of Cultural Interest in Hanover
Herrenhausen Gardens
In the heart of downtown, you can find one of the most famous European Baroque gardens: Herrenhausen Gardens. They are royal gardens, featuring lakes, palaces, mazes, ponds, fountains, etc.. These gardens are formed by the groben Garten (a French Baroque style garden), Georgen Garten (English garden), Berggarten (mountain garden) where you can see a greenhouse with tropical plants and Welfengarten (French garden Monbrillant which belongs to the old castle. Nowadays it houses the University of Hannover. It is free to enter and at certain times of the day they turn the fountains on. In summer they hold performances, concerts and fireworks. If you go to Hannover, it is well worth a visit.
City Halls in Hanover
New Town Hall
Hanover's New Town Hall is an imposing building that opened in 1913 after almost 12 years of construction. It's located near what was once the historic city center, within Masch park. It was built during the era of Kaiser Wilhelm II by the architects Hermann Eggert and Gustav Halmhuber. Rumor has it that the construction cost 10 million marks, paid for by the Kaiser himself in cash. In the lobby, there are four models that reflect different eras of Hanover: in the Middle Ages, the pre-war era, post-war, and today. To climb the dome, you have to pay an entry fee, but it doesn't cost much and it is certainly worth it. You go up first in an elevator, and then up a ladder. The views of the city are amazing.
Churches in Hanover
This church, like most in Hannover, Germany, was bombed during World War II, specifically in the year 1943. It wasn't rebuilt so it would be a reminder and sort of memorial to the war victims. Inside, there is a "peace bell" donated by the citizens of Hiroshima, one of Hannover's sister cities.
Of Cultural Interest in Hanover
Steintor Station
On the occasion of the Expo 2000 in Hannover, the city reconstructed and renovated many areas, including the tram and bus stops. The Steintor was designed by Frank Gehry (architect and Pritzker Prize , the designer behind the Guggenheim in Bilbao), which also was finished in 2001 in the same area, called the Gehry Tower.
Historical Monuments in Hanover
Leibniz University of Hanover
The main building of the University of Hannover is in one of the gardens of Herrenhausen Welfengarten and in the old castle Monbrillant. It was founded in the year 1831 by Karl Karmarsch with the College of Commerce. It is worth visiting just to see the environment. The building is beautiful and through it you have access to another garden in the back area. The zone has the charm of a college town in a beautiful natural setting. Everyone gets around by bike and to get here from the heart of the city you can take the tram to "Universität".
Historical Monuments in Hanover
Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus)
The Altes Rathaus or Old Town Hall in Hanover, is constructed in red brick and from the fifteenth century. situated in the historic area with the Market Church (Marktkirche) it is one of the icons of the city. In it, there are some administration offices. Its interior is completely reconstructed with a modern design that has nothing to do with its image abroad, and it also has a commercial gallery with giftshops, a cafe and restaurant, at guests disposal.
Villages in Bodensee
Überlinguen is a small village on the banks of the lake that bears his name (See Überlingen) and ending at the famous Lake Constance. It's a place well catered for tourists. This is one of the destinations chosen by the Germans for rest at the lakeside. Tourism is also reflected in the number of restaurants, pizzerias, pubs and terraces located throughout the town. We choose the destination for the weekend getaway. We stayed in a family shelter, well prepared for hikers and families. There were places for parking for bikes and the facilities were well maintained. The price (10 euros a night) included breakfast buffet. I do not remember the name of the hostel but I think it was the only one in Überlingen. When we left we were very satisified. It's an ideal place to relax for a few days with the quiet and beautiful scenery. The train station is in the center of town.
Of Cultural Interest in Hanover
Gehry Tower
Beside Steintor square whose design also came from Frank Gehry (architect and Pritzker Prize among other famous works, the Guggenheim in Bilbao), Gehry tower is to host to BT, German transport company. It is constructed of steel and the special thing about the building is that it tilts and rotates on its own axis.
Of Cultural Interest in Wolfsburg
Autostad Wolfsburg Germany
A small theme park/museum dedicated to cars in Wolfsburg, the German city where Volkswagens originate. There is a fabulous museum dedicated to vintage cars and pavilions dedicated to Seat, Audi, Skoda ... Volkswagen Group brands, ideal for car lovers, children and those who want to spend the day in a pleasant environment. The museum also has great gardens and a lake for visitors.
Museums in Gifhorn
Museum of Mills Mühlenmuseum
This mill is a spectacular museum, located next to a lake. In particular, I loved the Orthodox church built in wood. On this page you can see the different mills: Ukrainians, Balearic, Hungarians, Russians, Greeks ... Http :/ / www.Muehlenmuseum.De / fotos.Html Gifhorn center is also very nice, with a large pedestrian street. While you are there, it is also imperative to visit the city's castles. The city is beautiful with a great network of bike paths that take you along the city's forests and lakes ... A few years ago there was a very good "disco" that was a great success and everyone enjoyed the independent music played there: The "Moorkater", but I think it is now closed. A Shame! Because in Gifhorn, there wasn't not much atmosphere, and that is a very nice city.
Squares in Hanover
Markthalle Hannover
If you are in Hanover,you have to go the the Markthalle market which is in old town. Its motto is "Der Bauch von Hannover" which means "the belly of Hannover". This market offers a good opportunity to see genuine German products and to try them. In this market you can find the normal stalls for greengrocers, butchers, bakers, and a number of other food stalls where they have German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian food etc. ... Note that Germany has great steak, a variety of breads and you can not leave this country without trying the typical sausage.
Of Touristic Interest in Stade
Historic Old Town of Stade
Right from the start Stade is one of those charming villages, with petite houses on the edge of a canal and architecture that blends classic red brick with exposed wood. However, there is also a lot of history in it's streets. It was a much more important city that Hamburg for years. It suffered numerous invasions and a few parts have been destroyed and rebuilt several times. Simply a walk and getting lost in it's center is worth the visit.
Nature Reserves in Bad Harzburg
Harz National Park
Myths and legendary characters, story walks through enchanted forests, horse riding, water sports, lakes, caves, waterfalls ... in short, this is a place of nature and history worth a visit. We came back to Hannover and taking advantage of the mobile home had to go through the workshop, and that while he did lend us another car caravan to move and stay, we walked around to the Harz forest (as in the network had looked like a good place for excursions to little more than 100 km of Hanover). After miles of wide, green plains, suddenly discovered the silhouette (easily detectable in lontanaza) of this giant, opening splendid and shining red in autumn to the delight of our arrival. This mountain range is the highest mountain in the Massif Broken (I'll tell you ride) 1.1142m. The Harz region offers a lot of possibilities and a number of routes (which seem endless), caves (like the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa), castles, imperial palaces, religious buildings ... and, of course, enter the Harz is enter the home of witches (especially if you do it on Walpurgis witches party par excellence). That said, if you go through the area, do not miss the visit.
Of Cultural Interest in Celle
Celle is a small town situated near Hannover (60 km away). It is well known for the decoration of the facades of the houses, which are made of wood, and also for the gables on the roofs. It is the perfect place to go for a wander and get lost admiring the decorations of the 400 typical houses that you can find in the old town (Altstadt). The village also has an art museum (Kunstmuseum)-the first in the world to be open 24 hours, and a castle (Schloss Celle) Renaissance and Baroque style.
Churches in Celle
St. Marien Church
The church of St Marien is most characteristic of Celle, located in the old town, is the village church and dates back to 1292. It is easy to find thanks to its white tower, from which sounds a fanfare twice a day as a tribute to an old tradition, which has now become a popular tourist attraction of the town's people. During the summer months you can climb the tower which is as high as 74 metres.
Museums in Verden
Museum of the Horse
It is a tiny museum in a modern building. The space is shared with the library and a restaurant. The first impression is not very good, it seems to have nothing but don't be discouraged. If you are fond of horses, pay the entrance and go up to the first floor. It is very well designed and has a few fun surprises...
Forests in Walsrode
It was a business trip that became a pleasant experience. Walsrode is located adjacent to Bremen, you'll find yourself in a beloved city next to a majestic forest that is home to the largest population of birds in the world. If you prefer to relax in a warm hotel with spacious rooms and away from all the rush of the city without missing anything you can find in front of the entrance to the hotel the forest. Also I recommend the local cuisine and the wide range of beer that they have to offer.
Of Touristic Interest in Stade
Wilhelmine Von Stade
This is not any old boat, it is 100 years old and one of the most peaceful way to travel the Elbe, the journey lasting between four and five hours. This is Ideal for relaxing on deck during the day with the sunshine. Unfortunately we did not have that luck as the weather was not on our side. This gave us the opportunity to see the crew working in cold conditions and rain and marred our little trip, but just to be in that boat full of history and was quite an experience.