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Things to do in Scotland

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The top 1.635 attractions in Scotland

Castles in Edinburgh
Edinburgh Castle
The spectacular Edinburgh Castle dominates the city from the top of a large, volcanic rock. The silhouette of this medieval fortress against the blue sky or overcast by violet clouds is unforgettable. It is, without a doubt, the symbolic heart of the beautiful city of Edinburgh. The castle, still in use, and very attractive, has a long history, full of legends and fairy tales. Protected by cliffs, access to the fort is only possible via the High Street, located in the Old Town. During the summer months you can visit between 9.30 and 18 pm. During winter, the opening times are from 9:30 am to 17 pm. I recommend that you buy tickets in advance (the website has a virtual box office), as Edinburgh Castle is the most visited castle in the whole of Scotland.
Castles in Kyle of Lochalsh
Eilean Donan Castle
This castle has been the scene of films such as "The Immortals" by Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery or "The Trap", again starring Sean Connery and Catherine Z Jones which add to the Serviajera experience. The castle is on the west coast of Scotland, in the northern part of the Isle of Skye, that forms part of a tour that crosses Glen Coe, passes through Skye and returns to Eilean Donan .It can even lead to Fort Williams, where the Jacobite train (or better known as the train in the Harry Potter films), Ben Nevis (the highest peak in the UK and start other routes, such as Glenfinnan, another magical location in the Highlands. It's important to bear in mind that the construction that stands before us is not the original, it's​​ a Victorian reconstruction based on an architect's dream, and a divine dream it was!
Canyons in Edinburgh
Calton Hill
It is certainly one of the most beautiful experiences you can have when visiting Edinburgh. I recommend that you go up to the Calton Hill Gardens in the evening to see the whole city iluminated, with a close up of Princess Street and in the background the Balmoral Hotel and the castle dominating the city. It's worth a trip up to this place, which is so close yet so far from the bustle of Edinburgh to enjoy the sounds of the city.
Streets in Edinburgh
Royal Mile
I'm a lover of cities with a medieval spirit, with their castles and their cobblestone streets, but also Edinburgh is surrounded with this 18th and 19th century atmosphere, which makes it all the more special. Also, there's nothing like getting to know the charms of a British city in the dead of winter. Fog, chill, overcast skies... It irresistibly invites you into its mythic pubs.
Of Cultural Interest in Edinburgh
Old Town of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, in Scotland, is a place that inspires confidence, enhances your desire to walk no matter what time of day it is and feeds your hunger to keep discovering new places in the world that you weren´t previously familiar with (and, if you have already been there, it´s a place which you must keep returning to.) The division between the "Old town" and the "New town" is of interest to the public, either by the Gothic style / culture of the old buildings, or commercial shopping of many travelers who are enjoying their holidays.
Islands in Portree
Isle of Skye
In the northwest of the Scotland there is a bridge that leads to the Isle of Skye, a place of hidden by mist (hence its name, which in Gaelic means cloud), but as the day progresses the clouds give way to a spectacle of color, charm and hidden corners. We traveled with a camper van and looked for remote places to spend the day. We found, in Portree, that road travel is allowed with a charm of Celtic times. A place to forget about the rest of the world.
Cities in Inverness
Hello I am new to this but this summer I went to Inverness about 5 days and it is a wonderful place to relax if you love nature. Besides the the fact that the Scots are friendly and hospitable people, I would recommend everyone to visit Scotland and Loch Ness and of course Inverness. Thank you very much .Rachel.
Cliffs in Edinburgh
Arthur's Seat
Next to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, covering a land of 260 hectares, with a rocky hill 225 meters high, you will find the place called Arthur´s seat or Arthur´s chair. It is an extinct volcano from 350 million years ago. Holyrood's name comes from the time of David I, when in 1128 was knocked off his horse by a deer while hunting. According to legend, a cross appeared miraculously on his hands to ward off the animal. In gratitude, the king founded the Abbey of Holy Cross. If I had had my slippers, I would have climbed to the top because it appeared to be miraculous. If I had gone, I would have also given a candle to the Virgin. The park has 3 small lakes and the ruins of the chapel of Saint Anthony, which are few walls.
Lakes in Inverness
Loch Ness
Fort Augustus is the largest port in the south of Loch Ness, so it has become a must for all travelers arriving from the Lowlands. This small town lives solely based on the lake, and they have surely lived up to the legend! They have a small pier where there are cruises on the lake, as well as a museum, cafes, restaurants and the typical souvenir shop. I was truly impressed and leaving aside myths, it is the beauty of the landscape in a place with such extreme weather conditions. I visited in June and even sported a blazing sun, the wind was so cold you were completely frozen. It was even hotter when it was cloudy, if you can believe it.
Castles in Stirling
Stirling Castle
The good thing about traveling alone is that you have a lot of time to read and, since I love history, I got to soak some up on my way to Edinburgh, especially stories about the battles of William Wallace (widely considered as a national hero ), the never-ending rivalry between Scotland and England, and the experiences of Queen Mary Stuart. And, in this sense, Stirling Castle is the perfect place to delve into Scottish history. I highly encourage you to visit. The views are beautiful thanks to its location on the top of a hill. The visit to the castle lacks no detail, and they show you exactly how they lived in this fortress (I especially loved the Royal Kitchens, and the feeling of being among all the preparations for a royal banquet). If you end up going, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! ;)
Historical Monuments in Stirling
Wallace Monument
Stirling is where the major battles took place between the English and Scots to obtain independence and was led by national hero William Wallace. The monument was built in the 19th century based on the designs of John Thomas in Victorian Gothic style. The tower is 70 meters and 246 tall. Inside you will find some small rooms, and you can see some of the weapons used by William Wallace, like his sword. If you go to the top, you can enjoy a fantastic view of Stirling and the Forth River valley.
Historical Monuments in Edinburgh
Monument to Sir Walter Scott
I liked the city with its gardens, old buildings and the top part with the castle is very impressive. I'll give you guys only one photo of the monument of Sir Walter Scott, a spectacular Gothic construction erected in memory of one of the city's favorite sons, the author of many famous novels such as, as Ivanhoe and Rob Roy (who starred in the movie Liam Neeson).
Cliffs in Portree
Kilt Rock
These cliffs are found in the northern part of the Scottish island of Skye. Supposedly the name Kilt Rock comes from the fact that its walls are filled with all the colours of a kilt. To reach the area, we left from Portree north and took the road around the island. After passing the Old Man of Storr monolith by 25 kilometres, you reach the point where you park your car. The views are magnificent from the gazebo. You can see the cliffs, the sea and especially the waterfall that flows into the sea, making it one of the most emblematic and beautiful places on the Isle of Skye. A plaque reminds us that fossilized dinosaur footprints were found in the area. It's worth spending a little time here to admire the sea, and with a little luck, you might see a dolphin jumping or an even bigger surprise.
Cathedrals in Edinburgh
St. Giles Cathedral
St Giles Cathedral is the former royal cathedral of Edinbourgh city in Scotland. It used to be used by the kings of the castle, which is only 500 meters from the cathedral. Also called High Kirk of Edinburgh. It is no longer a Cathedral like it was in the seventeenth century, but now it's more. It belongs to the Church of Scotland, and is still a religious emblem of the country, since it was built on such an ancient and sacred place. After five o-clock masses are held on Sunday, and rest during the week, you can visit the church, the entrance is free, but they charge two pounds if you want to take pictures. St Giles is the patron saint of the disabled and the lepers. He was a saint invoked in the Middle Ages. It has very beautiful stained glass of the finest quality in the region, and a bell tower in a strange shape, which appears to be a crown. At night, the cathedral is lit up, and it's nice to look at from the royal path. On Sunday and sometimes during the tourist season a guy comes to play the Bagpipe, the national instrument of Scotland, with a kilt and the whole costume.
Palaces in Edinburgh
Holyrood Palace
The castle is beautiful with its abbey and its grounds. It offers complete tranquility. You must not miss Hollyroad Hill Park, which is just next to the castle and offers spectacular views of the city of Edinburgh. There is a lake with swans at its base and it´s an ideal place for hiking.
Villages in Fort William
Fort William
The first thing I have to state is that Glencoe doesn't belong to Fort William. The people here really are peculiar and the area where you pass into the Highlands... strange. The stunning valley of Glencoe (Scottish Glen means valley) owes its formation, among many other phenomena in the formation of glaciers, many years ago. Glencoe is a valley, a mountain range, a town, a river, a lake, a historical ... It's a real beauty, and I admit that it is fortunate to live more than an hour of which is undoubtedly one of the most charming landscapes. On my last visit I was lucky to find a piper there, which gave the green scene, even a touch more Scottish. To check the contrast I've attached pictures from late winter and early spring.
Of Cultural Interest in Saint Andrews
St. Andrews Cathedral
The Cathedral of Saint Andrews is in the corner of the city. It was probably built in 1144 though that is simply an estimate. It is an amazing place. Most of the ruins remain in good shape and there is a nice mix of things to see there. You have the cathedral, the cemetery, a war memorial, and the tower of St Rules. If you climb the towers you can take a picture have a spectacular view of the town. There is a museum of the place that allows you to see the relics of the early Christians who inhabited the sarcophagi and tombs. I recommend this to people who enjoy the old architecture and open spaces near the sea.
Lakes in Stirling
Loch Lomond
If you travel to Scotland, Loch Ness is definitely a place to visit. We stayed in Edinburgh and wanted to go for four days, but they explained that the distance to the lake was about 700 kilometers and that the Lake Loch Lomond was not only much bigger, but also more beautiful, closer, and less crowded. We decided to go to Loch Lomond thanks to the unique and wonderful guide Miguel of Scotland and I recommend it too. It really did not disappoint us.