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Things to do in Kuta

27 contributors

The top 13 attractions in Kuta

Beaches in Kuta
Kuta Beach
Kuta beach is located on southwest of Bali Island, Indonesia, and boasts the best sunsets in the world. It's one of the best things to see on the islands and is VERY romantic. There are also many seafood restaurants along the beach only a 15 minute taxi ride from Nusa Dua. We recommend finding out the exact time the sun sets and getting there half an hour early to make sure you get a good seat.
Villages in Kuta
When people say that they are going, or have been to Bali,it's usually to Kuta. Kuta is a mixture of traditional Balinese culture and Australian surfer culturer from the late 70's. Temples still exist where traders come to leave offerings to their gods, but it also has its surfers who arrived 10 years ago, and never wanted to return home. Kuta Beach has great sea with some very high waves, but also places where you can have an introduction to surfing. Diving is more complicated because the sea is not so clear and there is poor visibility. In Kuta all European comforts are available, high speed internet, air conditioning in the room, international food, electronics stores with amazing prices, and craft markets to bring home souvenirs. The hotels are concentrated along some streets, ranging from 5 euro for a romm in a family guest house, usually with breakfast. It's easy to stay in Kuta, to rest, and organize the rest of the trip. You eat well, sleep well, but it lacks the cultural heritage that gives Bali iots charm. However, it is very fast to get out of town and find yourself in rice fields, without any tourists, and see how a traditional village actaully lives.
Of Cultural Interest in Kuta
Temple of Ubud
This temple (Tanah lot) I discovered on my first trip to Bali. The name means "Temple of Earth in the Sea". The first time I saw it, it impressed me, my body shook to see something so beautiful, and it breathed tranquility and purity, and a lot of ideas went through my head. The second time I went, I could not hold back tears for being so lucky to be able to see it again, I sat and watched while a thousand feelings filled my heart. The 3rd time is coming up, because it's "My Place" .. Something "Pure" I hope to visit it yet again and I definitely recommend it to everyone.
Markets in Kuta
Kuta Market
Kuta Bali, is a mix of Balinese culture and what would be a Australian surfers culture from the 70's. If you go to the market, you will find the same mix of phones and digital cameras for very low prices, small Balinese temples to put a candle in, leather sandals, incense holder or wooden combs. A popular souvenir is the mask of Bali. Sculpted in wood which is usually painted with natural colors in acrylic paints. Wrought iron is also present, with stars, lamps and many dragons and statues of Buddha in different positions of meditation. If you're peckish, several people will offer freshly prepared fruit like pineapple or watermelon, fried rice dishes with egg and cold drinks. Always find out the source of the ice. Market prices are quite low, but higher than other places on the rest of the island. It's a place near the airport, where people come to spend their first few days in Bali, or when they don't have much time to go further. Do not hesitate to do haggle, and be firm if the price does not suit you, have a thousand other chances.
Of Cultural Interest in Kuta
Ofrendas en Bali
The first time I saw the importance of making daily offerings to the Balinese gods was when the driver who picked me up at the airport opened a bottle soda and poured a bit over the ground. I saw this gesture several times, and I asked him why he did that. He said it was for the gods. These offerings are part of the daily routine in Bali, the loacls fill their baskets with flowers, fruits, water, and incense and leave them near the doors of houses, small temples devoted to the god, and even at doors of business or shops. These offerings are to show respect to the gods, ask them for luck, and for protection from evil. Most offerings are made by women at home and some are true works of art. They're highly decorated, colorful, and often made with coconut or banana leaves. The placement ritual goes like this: they put a little rice at the bottom and cover it with a banana leaf and then place fruit (which can be anything really, but bananas are almost always present), rice cakes, and incense. The final touch is to spritz it with water and then all the elements of mother nature are represented. It's nice, this timeless ritual on the "Island of the Gods."
Temples in Kuta
Shopping Malls in Kuta
Kuta Square
Although this is the second time I have travelled to Bali (after almost 9 years) I found it had changed a lot, different to the "faded" a little memory I had of "The paradise of the gods" There's more traffic, more sites "ready" for the tourist, more pushy salesmen and a little more picturesque .. Something has changed and it is not the same Kuta Square, a street full of shops where you can find clothes, music, sporting goods, souvenirs, handicrafts .. all at a great price. Gone are the imitation stores of exclusive brands, probably because of the laws, but walking the streets looking for a "bargain" is also one of the pleasures of Kuta.
Temples in Kuta
Of Cultural Interest in Kuta
Very romantic beachfront place to enjoy a candlelit dinner of great cuisine and delicious desserts. The staff is very friendly staff and help create an atmosphere of relaxation and intimacy. The price is pretty good, too.In fact, it's probably the best price-quality ratio in the Seminiak-Kuta area. You can't miss it!
Of Touristic Interest in Kuta
Shops in Kuta
Of Cultural Interest in Kuta
Shopping Malls in Kuta