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Things to do in Veneto

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The top 1.195 attractions in Véneto

Historical Monuments in Venice
Canals of Venice
To visit Venice in January is to discover another city different from that found on other occasions in July or August. Tourists (from myself included) inadvertently "spoil" the best views of the sites. If in summer the city is abuzz with activity, in winter it has a romantic touch that makes me like it even more, if possible. Getting lost in the alleys away from the sea of humanity, finding a niche with an carved image, a passageway under a building, or a hidden courtyard awaken in my mind an adventurous sensations which makes me like Venice most each time I visit. Also, you can get off the beaten track and mix it up with the inhabitants of the city and have drinks at places like "Al diavolo with l'Aquasanta" or "La Taberna do mori". You can go shopping stress-free, visit museums or palaces and get on and off the vaporettos at an unhurried pace. A real blast!
Squares in Venice
St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco)
Venice is not a city that you can walk around in at night by the light of the street lamps. The city sleeps when the sun disappears, except near the Grand Canal and St. Marco's Square. In my opinion, there is nothing more romantic than to wander what Napoleon called "the most beautiful room of Europe": The Ducal Palace, the church of San Marco, the Campanile, and The Piazza of San Marco when the sun sets. When you finish your stroll, the perfect ending is to have a coffee or a cocktail at one of the cafes in the square. The most famous are the Quadri and Florian.
Bridges in Venice
Rialto Bridge
Being in Venice implies certain must-do activities, one of which is to visit the Rialto Bridge passing through the crowd of tourists who want to do the same as you. It's crucial to have patience and get there at the right time so that others too can enjoy the moment.
Of Touristic Interest in Venice
Grand Canal
For me, one of the most beautiful views of Venice is the Grand Canal from the Accademia Bridge. You can see the canal from the Rialto bridge as well, but it's not the same. It has imposing buildings so full of history bring up memories of a past Venice which still persists. The charming palaces, the magical gondolas, and the whole unique environment of this city, have a very powerful effect when you are on the Accademia Bridge. You just can't stop looking and saying "wow!"
Streets in Venice
Streets of Venice
The streets of Venice are so charming that it is not easy to describe in words. To begin, logically, what shocks you is that they are normal streets with roads and cars involved. There are also canals, water and boats. A unique atmosphere that beckons you to get lost here. In fact, what I love about Venice is just that. Getting lost without knowing where you're going. Unknown alleys ending in a canal, falling into a rambling maze of streets that and enjoying the Venetian night with its mystery and beauty. A spectacular site that is unmatched and we all should experience.
Islands in Venice
These beautiful fishermen´s houses give a special charm to this island. These beautiful places are full of color and it is very pleasant to enjoy a stroll through the streets. You will come across houses whose facades are painted in bright colors. Its main street, Via Baldassare Galuppi, has a very touristy atmosphere. Nearby you can find the lace museum, which in the 16th Century brought fame throughout Europe because of the production of Burano lace. Currently there are over 3,000 people there. They all built their simple, light houses on stilts, wooden stakes therefore many of the houses are situated on the lake.
Historical Monuments in Venice
Bridge of Sighs
The light that filters through this place is amazing at any time, day or night. Throngs of tourists shooting their cameras to take in the gondolas passing below. The whiteness stone is highlights with the beauty of the architecture.
Historical Monuments in Verona
Arena di Verona
The Roman Theatre of Verona is on a promenade that runs along the river Adige, near the Stone Bridge, the Church of Santo Stefano and San Giorgio in Braida. At the top of the enclosure in which is located you can visit the Archaeological Museum. Admission is joint for the 2 sites, and if you have the Verona Card, it's free. In the theater works and operas are held during the summer. The visit is worthwhile but if you have seen the Merida, Verona you may possibly be disappointed.
Churches in Venice
St Mark's Basilica
In my opinion, it is the most important church in Venice, well-known worldwide, and the best representation of Byzantine art in northern Italy. It was built in 828 to be the Pantheon of the apostle Mark. It has a Greek cross and five domes on the cross, and was rebuilt after a fire in the 11th century. Although initially an austere church, has been well decorated thanksto the many donations pouring in.
Festivals in Venice
Carnival of Venice
Coming from a country where the Carnival is sun, heat, rumba, dancing girls in bikinis and samba dancing, finding a Carnival with masks that are so elaborate and elegant and elaborate dresses as well in the dead pf winter is something strange, but it was one of the most beautiful carnivals I have ever seen in my life. This Carnival was in Venice. There were masks and kids dressed in costumes that seemed to protect them from the cold more than give them a carnival costume, beautiful masks, amazing colors, people laughing, thousands of tourists, one of the most fascinating places for a tourist in Italy, then the large puppets suddenly waylaid me, a huge praying mantis and a was a carnival I will never forget ...
Viewpoints in Venice
St Mark's Campanile
The Campanile of the Cathedral of San Marcos is the tallest building in Venice and as such offers the most spectacular views of the city. I recommend going early in the morning (tours start at 9:30) in order to avoid the queues. It costs 6 € per person and has an elevator that does not appear to climb the many steps that have :-)
Palaces in Venice
Doge's Palace
Doge's Palace gives you a great idea of ​​the splendor of the Venetian Republic in its heyday. Receiving foreign emissaries on the stairs and dictating death sentences from the gallery. In the great halls, all the institutions that governed the city and its maritime empire are gathered: Senate, Staff Council, clergy, academics, the Council of Ten Censors. The head of the state, the Doge, lived secluded in these rooms without leaving excepts for official events.
Churches in Venice
Santa Maria della Salute
The most famous picture of Venice (the entrance of the Grand Canal with the Basilica of Santa Maria) can be taken from the bridge of the Academy. It's very nice in the evening and very romantic.
Lakes in Garda
Lake Garda
Lago di Garda is one of the lakes that is in northern Italy near Brescia. The landscape is paradise: a green-water lake, surrounded by mountains that are part of the Alps . You can arrive getting off the Brescia-Millano freeway by some secondary streets that are good quality. Going around the whole lake is about 100 km.
Squares in Verona
Piazza delle Erbe
The beautiful city of Verona has a really interesting central square, known as the Piazza delle Erbe. During Roman times, this square served as the nerve center of the city and this remains the same today. It is the best possible place to begin a tour of Verona. In the northern part of the square is the Torre dei Lamberti, the oldest building in the Old Town. It also has spectacular views of Verona. In the middle of the square you can admire the imposing Lion of St. Mark, a reminder that we are within walking distance of the once powerful republic of Venice. It also highlights the beautiful central fountain of Madonna Verona. Monuments aside, the best of the Piazza delle Erbe is the intense beat of life, no matter if it´s day or night, there's always something going on and revealing the true pulse of the city .
Historical Monuments in Verona
Juliet's House (Casa di Giulietta)
Verona is a pleasant place. The city itself is very nice and there is romance added thanks to the story of Romeo and Juliet, although the truth is that now it is not very touristy. Although if really what you want is love, poetry and verse, its marvellous.
Museums in Treviso
A. Martini Art Gallery
Alberto Martini died in 1954 in Milan and left his legacy in the hope that a museum dedicated to Italian surrealism could be founded. A retrospective exhibition dedicated to his memory in Oderzo sparked his memory in 1967 and was the beginning of the current picture in the gallery. Thanks to donations and new acquisitions in preceding years, the collection rose to 450 impressive works. The photo-gallery has found its permanent home on the second floor of the Palazzo Foscolo.
Markets in Venice
Rialto Market
It is a must visit to go first thing in the morning to see the frenetic activity of the Venetians in their day to day life, and using the Grand Canal as if it were a highway, for moving their goods. The brightness of the fruit and vegetables and the impressive fish market is marvellous and as I said, a must!