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Things to do in Orense

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The top 132 attractions in Orense

Spa in Orense
Las Burgas
This is the thermal, mineral water area of the city. The water temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Celsius. It was once used by the Romans. The entrance fee is 3 euros and you can buy your ticket at the Tourist Office, located at Rua Burgas, 16. It's to the right of the baths.
Spa in Orense
Termas Outariz
My stay in the Baths of Outariz was pretty special because it meant that I could revisit a Japanese onsen. The Japanese style is very accomplished, to the point that the logo is used in Japan to mark thermal areas on maps. There are also many Japanese allegories in the decoration and even transcribed Japanese posters. Yes, you do have to wear a bathing suit.
Viewpoints in Orense
Bridges of Ourense
Ever since the Romans built the first bridge over the river Minho in Ourense, it has taken nearly 2000 years to build another of similar impact and one that has such good views over the city, the river Minho and its surroundings. In this stretch of the river Minho which passes through the city of Ourense, you can admire more than 2000 years of history of engineering and architecture in the construction of large bridges. A bridge is not being built in this area where the new AVE line will pass over. Visiting the bridges are easy, some are even for pedestrian use only. There are also footpaths on both sides of the river. Its the most modern tourist attraction in the area, and both day and night it acts as a lookout over the city, the other bridges and the river.
Cathedrals in Orense
Cathedral of St. Martin
The Cathedral of San Martin (San Martino as the Galicians fondly call it) is, in my humble opinion, the most impressive monument in Orense. It is primarily Romanesque (the three door are clearly Romanesque cathedral), but has touches of different styles. The exterior is a wonder to look at, especially the western gate (the main gate). Unfortunately I couldn't go inside because they were giving Mass, but at least I'll have an excuse to go back soon.
Spa in Orense
Pozas Outariz y Burgas de Canedo
This is one of the springs in Ourense. I was just walking my dog ​​when I saw the nighttime lights on the Miño River with an access by footbridge to the hot springs at the bottom of Outariz. I put my camera above the baths so it would be protected. I hope you like the photo. The baths are unbeatable, such a relaxing experience.
Spa in Orense
Spa in Orense
Ourense´s Thermal Route
Since Ourense has been dubbed the "spa capital" par excellence, we thought we'd try the so-called "thermal route" according to the brochure we got at the tourist information office, but the truth is that this route seemed like a trick for tourists. The entire route is a footpath of about 8 km in length, although you can cycle or take the train to the hot springs. According to the brochure, you walk through the different springs, fountains, pools and spas that are on the right bank of the Miño, but the reality is that the road is nothing but dust (the road is compacted dirt) and maybe a little vegetation and a river. Come on, it's not a "tourist path", but simply a path leading to the thermal springs. You ca swim there, they are free and are definitely worth seeing.
Historical Monuments in Orense
Porch of Paradise
This is definitely one of the most beautiful and significant cathedrals in Ourense. It's the Gate of Paradise, whose construction was inspired by the Portico de la Gloria on the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. It lies on the western facade of the temple, up a monumental staircase. Built in the 13th century, it consists of three large double arches profusely decorated and painted, supported by columns and statues representing prophets and apostles. There are conflicting representations between good and evil, or the blessed and the damned. The northern arch is decorated with floral motifs, the southern arc symbolizes the final judgment, with Christ the Judge and the Archangel Michael. In the central arch, there are the 24 elders of the Revelation (a product of the 18th century renovation, showing the primitive Romanesque). The whole is flanked by two baroque altars, one dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the other to the martyr San Francisco Blanco. The middle column has the image of St. James seated an iron sword in his right hand and an open book resting on his knees.
Spa in Orense
Pozas do Muiño das Veigas
These pools are one of the free swimming areas on the right bank of the River Miño, integrated into the Ourense Thermal path. To get here, it's best to take the train from the hot springs (0.75€). The walk without the train is 6 or 7 kilometres. The water temperature goes from 65° to 72°C , and the waters have therapeutic properties, and are weakly mineralized with alkaline, fluoride and silicate. The pools are well delineated by rocks, forming a natural swimming pool in an environment surrounded by greenery and the Minho River. There is a small house with changing rooms.
Shopping Malls in Orense
Ponte Vella Shopping Center
This huge mall opened in 2001 and is located next to Minho Park, opposite the river beach. I struggled to find it by car, as you have to go down small streets and I always passed it on the other side of the river. In total it has 5 floors, two for parking, two for stores and the last for entertainment and dining. As for shopping, there are 83 shops, where you can find everything (perfumery, electronics, hypermarket, jewelry, furniture and decor shops ...) but mainly clothes and accessories, including well-known franchises such as Zara, Inditex, Massimo Dutti, Etam, Oysho, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, Blanco, Pepe Jeans, Cortefiel ... On the top floor there are plenty of cafes, bars and fast food restaurants, 8 cinemas (Cinebox) and an arcade room. There is also a huge terrace with magnificent views of the Miño and bridges, as well as the other side of town. The mall also has a wifi zone. Hours: Shops: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 10pm -Leisure: Monday to Thursday from 9am to 1am, Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 3 am, Sunday 11 am to 1am.
Churches in Orense
Squares in Orense
Abastos Square As Burgas
This is a very popular place for the people of Ourense. It's highly recommended if you love cheese and local produce. Wander through the stalls, and don't hesitate to try the country's cheeses. And don't forget to buy some Cea bread.
Historical Monuments in Orense
Gardens in Orense
Of Cultural Interest in Orense
Lyceum of Orense - Pazo de Oca Valladares
One of the best examples of Renaissance palace architecture in Galicia. It's in Lamas Carbajal Street, a stone throw away from the Church and Plaza de Santa Eufemia. The palace was built by Alvaro de Oca Sarmiento during the 16th century, and since 1850 it has been the home to Recreativo de Ourense Liceu, one of the oldest learned societies of the city. It is a 2 floor building, whose facade you can see 5 coats of arms of different lineages in the central balcony. Inside there's a colonnaded cloister, where you can also see these same shields and a Carrara marble fountain in the centre, which was the work of Piñeiro. The Lyceum hosts concerts, lectures, excursions, book presentations, assemblies, meetings, and all kinds of other social and cultural events.
Historical Monuments in Orense
Museums in Orense
Episcopal Palace - Provincial Archaeological Museum
The Provincial Archaeological Museum is based in the former Bishop's Palace, a building that was part of a defense exhibition including several towers and palaces. Its construction began in the twelfth century, when the cloister was built and more was added over the years, such as the Torre de Santa Maria and Gothic workmanship. In later times, the porch in the garden and some rooms were added, which feature Renaissance elements. Th front porch of the garden has a bust in honor of the historian D. Jesus Ferro Coustelo
Historical Monuments in Orense
Bishopric of Ourense
One of the main access roads to the city is the Rua do Progreso, which crosses from north to south. One of the buildings that attracts the most attention on this street is the Bishopric, located on the corner of Plaza del Obispo Cesareo. In the eighteenth century it was the Seminary of San Fernando, founded by Bishop Pedro de Quevedo y Quintano, but had to be rebuilt later. The building has three floors, with a granite facade mimicking a manor, and is surrounded by a stone wall with railings. The facade has the royal coat of arms of Carlos III, commanded by Juan Manuel Bedoya, the Episcopal shield and two large marble slabs with inscriptions that tell the history of the building. The current appearance is the result of an extension by the Bishop Eustace Esteba Ilundain in the early twentieth century, which was conducted by the architect José María Basterra, responsible for creating a bridge between the chapel and the two wings of the building, the former home and residence of the Society of Jesus. Now the building is the seat of the Diocese of Ourense and Diocesan Archive. Next door is the Cultural Center of the council.

The best things to do in Orense

Ourense is a city located in southeast Galicia with incredible natural beauty. Thanks to its natural setting, it's an ideal place for rural tourism and therefore many of the things to see in Ourense are related to nature. You can tackle different hiking or walking routes such as the Via de la Plata, or follow the Via Nova. It's also known for thermal tourism, and the area offers tourists a wide range of spas and hot springs; many of these qualify as the relaxing and leisurely
Ourense attractions.

Among the best known places to visit in
Ourense, highlights include the Chavasqueira Pozas and the Baths of Barbantes. If you're traveling for an extended period of time, we recommend visiting one of them since visiting them is truly one of the most relaxing Orense activities. As for the monuments and other cultural attractions in Ourense, we recommend seeing the medieval bridge, which is one of the most emblematic places of the city, along with the Cathedral of St. Martin and Alameda Fountain. If you're walking along the Rio Minho, the river running through the city, you'll find other things to do in Ourense, most of which are surrounded by great beauty -- you won't find a lot of these in guidebooks. Those traveling to the city who want to go hiking or climbing will find lots of stuff to do in Ourense.

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