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Hotels in Colombia

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    Where to stay in Colombia

    Hotels in San Andrés
    On Vacation Hotels
    My experience at the hotel was simply spectacular. The service given by the staff is unconditional respect and attention to us tourists. In October I stayed with some friends at the Blue Reef and we were very well looked after, especially by Guido and Howard. I thank God for their help and that they never change, and hopefully the owners of the hotels kept them as staff forever. Greetings to the aforementioned people, I ask God only that I can return to such a wonderful island and this hotel chain. My best, NINFA
    Campsites in Cogua
    Embalse del Neusa
    This is a wonderful place that is full of peace and tranquility, a place to relax and have a wonderful day or full weekend camping, it is a safe and pleasant place located in Colombia.
    Campsites in Buenaventura
    Juanchaco y Ladrilleros
    Juanchaco beaches, Brickmakers and bar, are a paradise destination and perfect for camping on the beach with the best sunsets in the country. Some of the recommended activities available are: Whale watching in season (July-August), mangrove walks, visiting natural pools in fresh and sea water, springs, the best food! And much more!
    Resorts in San Andrés
    Hotel Decameron Aquarium All Inclusive
    The Hotel Decameron Aquarium in San Andres, is very nice. The rooms are located over the sea, on stilts. All rooms have sea view. In this hotel you can enjoy different water activities. There are free activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, etc. I love the charm of this hotel.
    HK$ 2.55
    Hotels in Barichara
    Corata Hotel
    Being a guest in this colonial house [poi = 14505] in Barichara [/ poi] is an unforgettable experience. The house has been maintained the same for 300 years. It has spacious rooms with period furniture, original ceramic floors and beautiful windows and doors. Almost all the rooms look out onto a large covered veranda which includes many traditional rocking chairs. The dining room, a patio full of plants, offers spectacular views of the [poi = 122144] Barichara Cathedral [/ poi].
    Hotels in San Andrés
    On Vacation Caribbean Hotel
    On Vacation Caribbean Hotel on San Andres Island is only two blocks from the beach and shopping area, and offers unsurpassed service to make your stay everything you would expect. There are 62 rooms. Restaurant with Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. Afternoon Snacks. Pool. Air conditioning system. Cable television. Security box. Unlimited drinks and spirits 24 Hrs. Enjoy your Holidays here, you deserve a break!
    Hotels in Villa de Leiva
    Mesón de Los Virreyes Hotel
    The Inn of the Viceroy Hotel is a cozy, tradition colonial place, with an interior courtyard and a fountain in the Andalusian style, and one of the best restaurants in town. Prices start at 40 €, but there are suites with Jacuzzi for double that amount.
    Hotels in Cartagena
    Charleston Santa Teresa hotel
    Along side the Santa Clara Hotel are the most popular and luxurious places in the historic center of Cartagena de Indias, being located in the southwest section of ​​the wall, next to the [poi = 120953] Naval Museum [/ poi]. What is now the hotel, was the first convent of the walled city (the building dates back from the seventeenth century), built by a wealthy lady of the aristocracy of that era to spend the last years of her life in the company of the nuns. For sure you will sleep better here than in the Gethsemane Hostel (the cheapest area to stay), and the rooms aren't too expensive either (offers starting at 200 euros), but for me the 200 euros for accommodation would be half my budget for the trip in Colombia (obviously I don't recommend the majority of the places where I stay).
    HK$ 1.86
    Campsites in Santa Marta
    Hostels in Bogotá
    Alegria's Hostel
    I would like to know the contact details of this hotel or the phone number if someone can tell me because I'm interested in staying there for a while. I want to have a relaxing holiday with friends in this wonderful hotel. I will be grateful to those who are able to give me this information. Thanks!
    Nature Reserves in Santa Marta
    Cabo San Juan
    For me the best place to camp in the park, although a little expensive, it costs about $10 to sleep in the hammock or a rented tent. However, it makes up for everything with the views and with the pleasure of getting up in the morning and getting in the sea, which in Reef is impossible. It also has a restaurant, a sort of pantry, bathrooms very very basic and cold showers which are shared by everyone, no curtains, so you have to bathe without but some people can't. We decided to sleep in hammocks, which has its pros and cons, as they are above a huge rock on the sea, the view is simply amazing at night and you feel the sea crashing on the rocks under a starry sky: it's is sublime . However, better not to need to to the bathroom at night, as you have to go down the big rock in total darkness and across the entire beach (bring aflashlight). In addition, you die of cold as the wind was very very strong over the sea (wear a coat). But totally worth it. Everyone was very cool in thisplace, we left our backpacks all day with most of our stuff on deck and no one touched anything. I think if we had stayed more than one night we would certainly spend a night or two up and the other in the camp below.
    Hotels in Villa de Leiva
    Suites Arcoiris
    After a 2 hour walk from the village, through the mountains, I arrived to this hotel, which is like a Colombian Disneyland, with houses of all shapes and sizes, decorated in ways the most curious ways. The views are spectacular. You must visit their website.
    HK$ 0.48
    Hotels in San Andrés
    Hotel Tiuna
    Tiuna Hotel is a landmark hotel on the island. It has highly trained staff, extraordinary rooms. Our room had a perfect location opposite the beach, with its clear, colorful waters. The prices were very reasonable and close to the commercial area of ​​the island. Opposite the Hotel, on the white sand, are the natives of the island who offer the most varied services from preparation of exotic cocktails, to braiding hair.
    HK$ 0.76
    Hotels in Taganga
    Bayview Hostel
    This hostal is one of the best options for "luxury" backpackers, as the bayview offers a swimming pool and free wifi. In addition, breakfast is included at 6 euros per person. The owner is very friendly, always willing to give information on destinations. It has several daily direct transfers to Cartagena de Indias.
    Hotels in Villa de Leiva
    Posada casa novoarte - Closed
    Villa de Leyva is somewhere where we found Novoarte house inn, in the cra 6 no. 13-53, just 3 blocks from the main square, with comfortable rooms in a unique style for different tastes and expectations. What to do einn Villa de Leyva ........ You can go walking ..... And do other activities ...... The iguaque lagoon: the rainforest of the sacred lake of the Muisca culture-river cascades: Barley: Wildlife waterfalls between the haven, swallow, black and Periquera playon. -Eco-hikes. There are different routes for walking
    Apartments in Cali
    Apartasuites San Marcos
    San Marcos Apartments are perfectly located on the perimeter of the centre of Cali, near San Antonio, Alameda Market, and a variety of restaurants. The spacious apartments are brand new, and fully equipped.
    Hotels in Alcalá
    El Bosque del Saman hotel
    An excellent place to share with family, friends or to spend a spectacular romantic night in the VIP cabins of Guadual. It is equidistant to all the tourist sites in the Coffee Triangle, surrounded by beautiful coffee plantations and heliconia crops where you do uncountable activities. It has a meeting room that is ideal for conventions and meetings in the quiet countryside. It has 3 certifications .... Coffee Farms, Environmental Sustainability and Quality Tourism giving a vote of confidence for the product. You experience, from start to finish, the coffee culture which is SIMPLY SPECTACULAR!!
    Hotels in Bogotá
    Casa Platypus
    The Platypus is a hostel for backpackers in Bogota. It is in the heart of the colonial city, The Candelaria, and has all an independent traveller is looking for: good prices, 6€ a bed, tourist information, free WiFi, very nice staff, and a multinational environment of travelers that come and go, and are a fountain of very interesting information.
    HK$ 0.11
    Hotels in Cartagena
    Hotel Dann Cartagena
    The Hotel Dann Cartagena is a site facing the sea, located in Little Lake in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia). It's not a 7-star hotel, but the amenities are perfect. The rooms are spacious, clean and tidy, with great views of the city and sea. The impeccable staff were especially friendly and hospitable, always willingly to help with anything. It has a large pool just alongside the sand, so if the sea is rough, or is a little cold, just jump into the warm waters in the pool and relax for a while. Ideal for families or a couple on their honeymoon.
    HK$ 0.88
    Hotels in Cali
    Pelican Larry Hostel
    In the city center, with many amenities, including internet access, parking, wifi, 24 hour reception, bar, terrace and communal kitchen use. It was named best guest Hostelworld.Com Colombia in 2008
    Activities in Colombia
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